Amusement Park Business Plan

Amusement Park Business Plan

Management Summary 

An amusement park company philosophy should be based on mutual respect for all input made by limited or participating partners, consultants, investors, and employees regardless of their position in the company. People working with your company should trust and enjoy your partnership environment to create an enabling environment to help them work smart.

An amusement park company should also work towards developing community involvement programs to show how the business can improve community life. This can be done through funding civic groups to achieve their financial goals, working with churches, schools, and other entities for mutual benefit.

Management Team

Managing Partner
The managing partner manages and designs the construction phase and serves as the director of operations. He should also implement and develop training, theme park maintenance, safety, and operation programs for the park.

Manager Operations & Public Relations Officer
This member of the management team participates in the strategic business plan, acts as public relations consultant, customer service director, operations director, and coordinates operation and training programs,

Manager of Promotions and Media

Execute the direction of daily marketing management responsibility by designing of graphics and art work and advancing the company’s FECs.


Serves as the company’s comptroller tasked with account payable matters, monthly P/L schedules, reconciling statements, revenue review, bookkeeping duties, and daily journal entries. He is also the link between independent CPA services and external payroll service contractor.

Retail Space Agent and Gift Shop Manager
Qualify, review, and seek tenants for leased spaces.  List and sell available property brought about by development, operate and manage the souvenir and gift shop, also assists in supervision of company’s daily accounting.

Senior Staff Consultants

These are tasked with continuing review of the company’s business plan and consult or advice on all areas of floor layout of activities and assist in building design, entertainment activities, and help with explaining and training the general duties of our FEC.

Financial Consultant/Advisor

Actively consults and participates in all phases of strategic plans. Pursue and review profit oversight and capital, consult and review over inventory control, supervises business management setup, and coordinates property purchases.

Marketing and Sales Consultant

Advice and consults in reference to the company’s advertising, sales, and marketing.

General Contractor and Construction Consultant

The general contractor consults on construction schedule and obtains building permits and other related duties.

Government Redevelopment Consultant/Advisor
Actively setup and consult contracts and any redevelopment agency between the city government and the company.

All these people works towards ensuring that the company stays in business. This is done through provision of uninterrupted rides necessitated by regular theme park maintenance practices. All ride operators have training on maintenance from institutions such as ITI College. Our training programs are available on

Nicholas Jansen