An Initiative By Jiblin George To Bring Social Changes Through Art

An Initiative By Jiblin George To Bring Social Changes Through Art

Mother Teresa once said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”.

Major questing which keeps lingering in our minds is that,” Can art be used to fight against issues such as Global warming. ”

History is proof that from ancient times a large number of initiatives have come to the surface for preserving the environment. These initiatives have tried to do this in one way or another. In today’s time, one such initiative has been taken by “art for good cause”. This initiative is constantly trying to raise awareness related to various issues through the medium of art.

The person who gave birth to this initiative

The man who has given birth to this initiative is called Jibin George. The person is a self-taught person and has learned art through self practice. His hands have been creating beautiful artwork since 2012. Right now, he lives in the USA, Texas. Jibin George started this initiative to use the most common word, art for good cause and to provide various artists from the world a common platform. You must have seen that art for good cause is a phrase that is used by a lot of people. However, Jibin is probably the first person who is using it for discussing multiple social/environmental issues in one canvas that is He is trying to bring all the artists from the world at a single platform and to create social awareness from their work.

Is art helpful in changing the world?

One thing which has the power to communicate with people from all around the world despite having diversity in culture, lifestyle, and background is art. Art has got the power to influence as well as inspire people to take steps to save nature.

Art has the power to make a huge difference. It can build a connection with a person’s body, mind, and senses. A piece of art can engage a person as well as influence him to take action against the things which are happening in the world and are harming the world.

David Lockhart