An Introduction to Shrink Film

An Introduction to Shrink Film

Shrink wrap film is a well-used material within the packaging industry, with many products packaged using shrink wrap film on a daily basis across the world, both with packaging processes including hand wrapping and machine wrapping. With shrink wrap film being so commonly used there are now many different shrink film options available including but not limited to Polyolefin Shrinkwrap Film and Polythene shrink film, to ensure that companies can all find shrink film which suit their individual needs and requirement impeccably.

With this in mind today we are here to provide some of the information in regard to shrink film the people may want or need in order to make important decisions for their businesses, as well as answering some of the most commonly asked questions surround shrink film.  Here goes…

What is shrink wrap?

Shrink film is a material made up of polymer plastic film – when heat is applied to this kind of film it tightly shrinks over what it is covering, providing a tight packaging which is fully sealed. Many items are not packaged in this way, with this kind of packaging providing companies with a packaging solution which keeps their products protected from outside elements including but not limited to dirt, moisture and dust. This kind of film can even sometimes provide products with protection from UV rays.

What are the most popular shrink wrap film types?

With shrink wrapping now so popular there are a wide range of shrink wrap films available to ensure that companies can always find film to suit their individual needs and requirements. Some of the most popular shrink wrap film varieties include   polyolefin film, PVC film, polythene film, polypropylene film and printed shrink wrap film.

What machinery is required for shrink wrapping?

Although it is possible for people and companies to shrink wrap their products by hand using shrink wrap film – When looking to wrap multiple products on a regular basis it is advisable to invest in machinery to save time, save money and reduce waste. What machinery is required depend on what needs shrink wrapping, with popular options including heat guns, L sealers and shrink tunnels. When in doubt as to which equipment is the most suitable it is important to discuss your needs with a shrink wrap equipment provider.

Which industries commonly use shrink wrap?

Many industries used shrink wrapping to package their good, however industries that would possible be lost with shrink wrapping equipment and shrink wrap film include games, printing, food, hardware, houseware, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Can any problems occur when shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrapping can be problem-free when the correct machines and films are used and the best practices are followed. However, when shrink wrapping is not carried out correctly and number of problems can arise including wrinkles. Dog ears, ballooning, burn holes and shrink film tears. Again, shrink wrap professionals are able to advise how to avoid these problems and how to stop them from occurring should they already be happening.

Clare Louise