Average temperatures in Berkeley California

Average temperatures in Berkeley California

Beautiful weather conditions are typically a top priority when looking for your next vacation destination. Some like to go abroad, while others prefer to stay close to home. Regardless of where you’re coming from, Berkeley, California is a destination you can visit year-round thanks to its comfortable Berkeley weather conditions.

Thanks to Berkeley’s average temperature high of 70 degrees, for a better part of the year, you can enjoy various outdoor and indoor activities.

From local to large retailers, restaurants, the marina, and various other places to see and things to do, both inverts and extroverts have plentiful options. Though Berkeley is known for its campus life – the college is not the only attraction this city has to offer.

Not to mention, its proximity to San Francisco makes it a beloved place to raise a family or live outside of the city and commute without those hefty San Francisco price tags.

Berkeley California History

Like many cities, Berkeley was named after someone – George Berkeley. George Berkeley was an Iris bishop and philosopher in the 18th Century. He’s most known for his theory ‘immaterialism’ which is later changed to be called ‘subjective idealism.’ This theory touches base on the limitations of human vision regarding light, color, and human perception.

The University of California, Berkeley is a socially liberal institution that’s most recognized by students as having the largest religious studies programs in the world. Its land was originally founded in 1776 by during the De Anza Expedition and given to a man call Luis Peralta. When Luis passed, he gave the land to his 4 sons.

The university portion is the portions split between Domingo and Vicente Peralta – whose names still remain accounted for as streets in Berkeley.

David Lockhart