Avram Grant Gives Tips On Creating A Philanthropy Strategy That Matters

Avram Grant Gives Tips On Creating A Philanthropy Strategy That Matters


Through philanthropy and social welfare people all across the globe hope to create a social impact in the world. Your philanthropic contributions might seem like a drop in the ocean amidst so much poverty, healthcare and education failures etc. However, what matters is that every drop counts and such philanthropic acts that make this world livable.Philanthropy is a complex concept and if you really want to become a philanthropist then it is essential that you create a proper philanthropy strategy. 

Avram Grant over the years has made a name for himself in the world of philanthropy and it’s his advice that we shall follow today. According to the philanthropist there are some key questions that you need to ask yourself before you make the plunge. These could vary from who you want to involve in your philanthropy to what causes you want to support. You also need to decide whether you want to support an already existing nonprofit or want to build your own. These major questions are categorized under a few heads so that it becomes easier for you to make your own strategy. 

Your Values and Beliefs

Philanthropic activities always come with personal goals and aspirations. While philanthropists and social workers all around want to support all causes, it is better if you are committed towards one cause. It you are committed towards a particular goal your efficiency will be maximum. According to Avram Grant how you can choose your cause is by first evaluating your value and beliefs.This process will give you the clarity and choose a cause that is in line with your vision and aspirations. You need to first understand what is that prompted you to help and that will define how you want to benefit and contribute to the society.

Next step is anchoring your philanthropy through your values and beliefs. For this reflect on the people, problems, places, ideologies and pathways that resonate with you the most. At this stage you must also decide whether you want to do this alone or want to involve someone. It is always a good idea to take your family and friends on board as they can provide you with the best and honest advice. It becomes easier to work when you have a team to discuss your ideas and aspirations with. Your team can come up with ideas and concepts that you might not have thought about. 

Defining Your Success 

Everyone has a different definition of success whether it be in philanthropy or in life in general. If you want to get results it is essential that you know what is that that you want to achieve. In order to understand your definition of success a useful exercise is to contemplate the goals you wish to meet and outcomes you want to achieve. You must also be well-versed with the issue or cause you are supporting so that your goals are better-defined. 

Efficiently Using Resources 

The key to effective philanthropy according to the notable philanthropist Avram Grant lies in using your resources effectively. People often estimate more than what they can contribute and this is not practical. You must consider how you can effectively and efficiently use your resources for the ultimate philanthropic impact. If there are any non-financial resources that can be used in your philanthropic services then they shall be accounted for as well. You must treat this like a business and therefor shall be mindful of the risks involved and shall have the tolerance for it. This though process will enable you to recognize your commitment level with respect to finances, time and generally overall. 

Execution Trumps Strategy 

What your ultimate focus should be on is getting the job done either through a proper strategy or otherwise. As a philanthropist you can choose how you want to build your capacity for impact. This could be either in the form of hiring your own help and staff or outsourcing help from third parties. The most important stage in execution is delivering what is actually required.

Parting Words 

Exploring and researching on the strategy before you dive into philanthropy is the key to success. It will give you the vision, idea and clarity that is required before you start your own philanthropic endeavors. A good strategy will reveal the complicated and unique issues that are most likely to affect your philanthropic aspirations. 


Nicholas Jansen