Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways 

Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways 

Businesses tend to adopt new technologies and tools. Within the last decade, the majority of companies embraced digital payment platforms that allow for debit and credit card processing, as well as digital wallets and online banking. 

The adoption rate for using Bitcoin is slower, however. Partly this is due to the absence of regulation in the crypto sector, and also because the public is not widely educated about the blockchain technology. This cryptography-based digital currency is being hailed as the key changer of digital transactions, and so your business should at least consider the use of it. 

Top Bitcoin Payment Gateways

There are several Bitcoin payment gateways that businesses can use nowadays. Compare some of the top ones in order to choose what is right for you. Listed below are some of the most popular payment gateways you can compare and consider for your venture, and you can visit PaySpace Magazine for additional information as well as for latest bitcoin and altcoin news


This gateway has been around since 2013. It supports Bitcoin and more than 1400 other crypto currencies. The company offers pre-designed shopping cart plugins. It offers support for popular shopping cart platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, and Opencart. It also offers a secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet.


Coinbase is among the largest and widely used Bitcoin exchanges out there today. You can surely trade Bitcoin on Coinbase, as well as use it for accepting Bitcoin payments. Coinbase offers a dedicated merchant app through which Bitcoin can be converted into the preferred fiat currency. However, as of now, Coinbase is available to only users in selected countries. 


BitPay is among the top Bitcoin payment processors, and it has been in the blockchain sector since 2011. The BitPay app accepts Bitcoin payments, and it works with over 40 point-of-sale systems and popular e-commerce platforms. It also can be used to convert Bitcoin into 8 fiat currencies and after doing so the funds can be sent to a regular bank account in as many as 38 countries. happens to be among the oldest Bitcoin wallet options and it is also a reliable one. It supports Bitcoin payment APIs. However, using it requires technical expertise since there are no ready-to-use plug-ins. 


CoinGate lets your company start accepting Bitcoin and Altcoin payments, and it supports payouts in currencies like EUR, USD, and also BTC. It is compatible with e-Commerce plug-ins and POS applications. It also runs on platforms like iOS, Android, and web.

This is a notable open-source project that offers nice Bitcoin payment solutions. Based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, it offers some e-Commerce ready-to-use plug-ins. The customer support is provided free of charge. 


SpectroCoin is another notable Bitcoin payment gateway for businesses operating out of Europe. SpectroCoin also offers plenty of choices for end-users. The company offers handy e-commerce plug-ins and APIs as well as some ready-to-use solutions. 

More Reasons To Consider Bitcoin Payment Integration

If you are still hesitant about using a Bitcoin payment processor or API for your business, consider the following:

  • It is an online payment system that runs 24x7x365
  • Faster cross-border payments with real-time tracking system
  • Global customer base
  • Reduced risk of fraudulent transactions
  • Reduced need to spend on fees and charges to mediator agencies for processing business transactions

Edward Powell