Best Tips To Find Business Partners For A New Startup

Best Tips To Find Business Partners For A New Startup

Many entrepreneurs are capable to build their entire startup business from zero up all by themselves. But things are complex. It would mean the particular entrepreneur doing so would have to possess way too many different skills (in different roles) before he can complete such achievement. At this point, the founder/entrepreneur should look for a partner (in business) to be handle a big part of his startup (as a co-founder).

Firstly, you will have to make your intentions very clear from the outset right from the beginning. This would have saved you from wasting or disrespecting the other person’s invaluable time. When you ask a person to meet you for lunch, coffee, or at any other types of functions to discuss a partnership regarding your new Hong Kong startup, you must have the decency to pick up the tab. You must pay the bill/check. It is a small act of goodwill that reveals you respect whoever came to have met with you.

The first impression may certainly be important. You need to how you are easy to communicate with and a straight shooter. Take an interest and be open about your life and goals. You should introduce to your potential partner to your family, significant other, and even a few friends. Let them judge who you are as a person and vice versa. Do the digging, and make sure both you and your partner are up to par for the very difficult business journey ahead before making a decision to go through a company incorporation in Hong Kong.

There are a few ways to get the person to finally join up with you in business, but it would also depend highly on the specific situation. You need to sell the idea. For example, you have found and are facing a really interesting and difficult problem to solve for a group of audience in the local HK community. There are so much potential to work and figure out the solution of such problem.

You and the person (who has the potential to be your business partner) must have no red flags or surprises in-between. If there are potential hidden problems, at a later stage of your Hong Kong startup, it may turn into a much bigger problem that splits the business direction. Basically, the values and work ethic must match throughout the next few years.

The co-founder person must be motivated from within himself in the first place, and this motivation must continue to burn throughout most of the projects coming ahead. The co-founder shouldn’t be simply using this as an opportunity to build his resume, and then seek for a highly paid job elsewhere.

When things aren’t so sure, the two persons may start working on a small project as a test. This project would probably cost each person not much (financially), and its duration will be short – For example, two months. Using such a test as an opportunity, you should be able work out how the person approaches work, and his strengths and weaknesses. Then from that point, you should make a decision on whether the two persons may be able to complement and create the best out of one another.

Nicholas Jansen