Brochure Printing: 5 Important Tips To Make Your Brochures Effective

Brochure Printing: 5 Important Tips To Make Your Brochures Effective


Do you want your brochures to be effective? Do you want to have a copy that gets responses from customers? Well, you are at the right place.

The First Impression Is The Last

Sending out every piece of literature leaves an impression on your prospects. Wrong impressions will cut down your sales and make your customers alienated. So what should you ask the online print shop to do while printing brochures? Here are five tips that you can follow from printing services Kelowna to make your brochures effective.

Choose The Correct Font

When you start working on a brochure, it’s easy to use multiple fonts to make it look creative. But it is discouraging for potential customers when the brochure is overboard with different fonts. Hence, it is advised to all the print shop Kelowna to limit the number of fonts they use. If your company has a signature font, you can use that font to design the brochure. Or, you can add one or two to make it look more appealing.

Use Images With High-Resolution

To make your brochures stand out, you need to use good imagery. If you have a restrictive budget, use stock photos associated with the main theme of the brochure. Alternatively, you can hire a professional photographer if you want to display the image of your products. It will ensure the quality of your brochure design.

Choose The Right Paper Stock

Another tip that every printing service Kelowna must consider is choosing the right paper stock. For most customers, the thick paper stock is perceived as top-notch when compared to the thinner ones. Therefore, the choice of paper stock also ensures durability. Additionally, you can also use a thick coating to protect your brochure from smudging and abrasions.

Make A Great First Impression

Any online print shop needs to focus on good content. But it is equally important to concentrate on the presentation of the brochure. To make a good first impression, brochures are designed such that it corresponds well with the purpose of the business. Put unique statements. Focus on the readers rather than sales. 

Make It Easy To Respond With Proper Call-To-Action

Lastly, if you don’t urge the readers to take action, all your efforts will go in vain. Some of the popular things to get the readers to take action are discounts, gifts, coupons, special offers, and giveaways. Thus, the online print shop must follow these tips to design productive brochures.

David Lockhart