Choosing A Sustainable Packaging For Your Product

Choosing A Sustainable Packaging For Your Product

If you are a seller or manufacturer who is looking for the best eco-friendly choice to package your goods in, you are on the right track. We don’t need more people doing stuff without consideration for nature just because they want to make money, get fat, and fatten their wallets. There’s more attention to be paid to packaging options. Here are some options you can pick from, depending on what category your product falls under. 


Recyclable/Compostable Paper Bags: Paper bags are a great option if you sell products such as clothes or thrift items, or packaged honey. If you sell non-oil-based meals/snacks such as popcorn you can package them with compostable paper bags. They are natural. Nontoxic. And they would fall to the earth when disposed of; so it’s good for nature. Some skin care products and perfumes would work well with this packaging option.

Mold Paper Pulp: As the name implies, the paper pulp can be mold to accommodate the shape of your product. Although if your product design is unique and not one of the regular shapes, it may be challenging to get a ready-made paper pulp for your product. You can meet some eco-friendly packaging manufacturers to help you make custom packaging products for your products. Popular applications of molded pulp are growing and gardening containers, packaging baskets, crates of various shapes and kinds, etc. Hence, they can package drinks, bottled and glass perfumes, nursery plants, and lots more. Just get one with a shape that works for your products, and you are ready. Many of them are decomposable, but they are all recyclable. 

Corrugated Bubble: Corrugated bubble is a packing or padding option that works for fragile products. If you are delivering goods and opting for recyclable boxes (wooden or cartons), then a corrugated bubble is a good padding option. You can wrap it around your product or arrange it around your product while you seal it up. It has high cushioning efficacy. It is upcycled, recyclable, and compostable. If your business needs it, get it already!

Carton sealing tape: Small to medium businesses have an inevitable need for sealing tapes. The closest we get to meet our needs is the paper tapes. Well, there is more you can do nowadays. You can get eco-friendly sealing tape that can work for carton bags and boxes. Your customers can peel it back or open it with a penknife. And when it is time to dispose of it or recycle, there is no hassle of first separating the plastic tapes. 

Poly mailers: Poly mailers are the regular bags commonly used to package fast foods such as pies, burgers, and other perishable products. Well, instead of the regular papers or plastic bags, you can go for these ones made from Low-density polyethylene. They are very sustainable and easy to handle.

Bonnie Baldwin