Do All Doctors Accept Federal Workers Compensation?

Do All Doctors Accept Federal Workers Compensation?

Federal employee or not, getting an injury on the job can lead to devastating outcomes for both your health and your career. The biggest issue, of course, is the costs of receiving medical care. When you file for workers’ compensation benefits and get them accepted, most patients feel relief. Care is right around the corner, right?

Sadly, this isn’t always the case for federal employees. Not all doctors are willing to accept Federal Workers Compensation as part of their firm’s payments. There is no law that requires doctors to accept it, so you will need to seek out doctors who accept Federal Workers Compensation payments.

Finding doctors that will work with this form of compensation isn’t always easy, unless you go to a specialized center. Federal Employee Workers Compensation medical centers like FedHelp are the best place to both get care for your injury and compile your compensation case.

Obviously, many locations won’t have a center close enough for use.  If you cannot find a center nearby, you still have some options available to you, including the following:

  • Asking Your Work. Most federal job sites will have information about doctors who accept Federal Workers Compensation at their HR office.
  • Calling A Center For A Local Referral. Many medical centers that focus on workers’ injuries will have a list of doctors that accept this compensation form. Ask them for a referral! Some might be close enough for you to visit.
  • Searching Online For Workers Compensation Doctors. Though not all doctors do, many medical offices that accept Federal Workers Compensation are open about it online. This can be a quick (though unreliable) way to find an office nearby.


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