Entrepreneur, the Pilot of Business World

Entrepreneur, the Pilot of Business World

In the present day, is globalization a curse or blessing for the global economy? Still, people are busy to find a definite answer as to when on one side, poverty & unemployment cut the fortune of a few nations, on the other side, the progress & prosperity of global income positively proliferate day by day. It is only because of the incessant growth of population and for that, the craving & demand of their requirement at first hit the base of trade & commerce. Therefore, to hold the steering of the business & economy of the universe, a group of experienced entrepreneurs like Gurbaksh Chahal confidently come to serve their nation and also for the world.

  • Entrepreneur; Role Model of Worldwide Personalities

As a politician, athlete, economist, or author; an entrepreneur is also in the top ten famous professionals in the world. An entrepreneur is a founder, an innovator of modern technologies, and also the rider on the field of e-commerce & business territory. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates – all are the inspiring personalities for the young generation in the sphere of entrepreneur and among them, Gurbaksh Chahal is also another name who very distinctively grabs the attention of world populations.

  • Aspects of being an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is the pride of his or her country & also for the world. But to become an entrepreneur is very time-consuming and dedicated work. Besides aptitude & talent, an entrepreneur must know about current activities of trade & commerce and must have the basic skill of internet & technological world. A successful entrepreneur is a leader, a philosopher, and also a pioneer. He or she can change the living style of the universe and can lead a team to invent something new.

Gurbaksh Chahal, the Chairman & CEO of Vendor Cloud, has come into the focus at the age of sixteen years. After starting his journey, he has randomly updated his profile by launching Click Agents, Blue Lithium, Radium One, and many other international organizations.

  • Entrepreneur & Economy

The world economy is mainly depending on agriculture, public health, transport, education trade & commerce. The demand for products, services & technologies increases so rapidly in the global market that a huge amount of capital comes from the ground of trade & business. It happens so positively just because of the worldwide internet service & for the help of hi-tech social media & technology.

  • Future of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, in recent days, is the first & prime choice of many freshers who want to become successful businessmen in the future. But, besides knowledge & talent, experience is very important to become a leader in the business world. Gurbaksh Chahal, being a reputed entrepreneur is also the pathfinder & the instructor of numerous institutions who delivers his knowledge & skill to the newcomers.

Therefore, with patience & experience, a strong mind set-up & the ability to accept all the risks & challenges will make one’s destiny as a successful entrepreneur.


Clare Louise