Factors that Affect the Cost of Interstate Shipping of Your Car and Ways to Save

Factors that Affect the Cost of Interstate Shipping of Your Car and Ways to Save

Every year thousands of Australians require shipping their cars from one state or city to another. Many of these people get frustrated with this task.

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However, this task can be made simple with some options and you can even ensure you can maintain your sanity and keep your car protected.

You can move your car in cheap ways. The cheapestamong them is to use a friend’s trailer and hire someone to get the job done.

However, cheap is not always the best. On the contrary, cheap makes you miss out the service, safety and security that you can get with a professional, e.g. while shipping a car from Perth to Sydney from Dazmac Logistics.

Here are some common factors that could influence the cost of shipping your car.

Type of Vehicle

It’s obvious that transporting bigger automobiles such as a SUV, 4WD, van or minibus will be costlier than shipping your average Suzuki Swift or Toyota Corolla.

Bigger cars need more space on the transportation trucks and usually weigh a lot more.

Also, whether the vehicle is running or not may also affect the cost.


Distance is an important factor that affects the cost of shipping your car. For example, moving your car from Brisbane to Sydney will cost a lot less than shipping your vehicle from Sydney to Perth.

Usually, the more the distance, the higher will be the moving cost.

Departure and Arrival Destinations

Is your vehicle located in a city or a rural town? Do you want your shipping company to collect it and drop it off?

Some shipping companies provide a depot-to-depot service, which can be slightly cheaper (sometimes it’s not the case; so, it’s better to get a quote first).

However, you have to arrange your own transport to and from the depot which may not be close by. If you cannot access public transport or a friend’s car, this may cost even more than a door-to-door service.

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Tips for Saving on the Cost

A number of people believe that comparing costs of many car shipping companies is the best way to save money when your car needs to be transported interstate.

However, it doesn’t always make sense to choose the cheapest quote you get.

A lot of cheaper car shipping companies take multiple depot halts where they constantly unload and reload your car which increases the risk of damage.

Your car is most probably one of your biggest assets, second only to your business or home. Therefore, choosing a reputable and trustworthy company to ship your car directly to the destination is important.

All in all, you should not give priority to the cheapest price while choosing a car shipping company whether it’s a professional shipping car from Australia to New Zealand with Dazmac or an interstate shipping.

More Things to Consider

Some more things you should consider are:

  • How much are the shipping company experienced?
  • How long they take to respond and deliver?
  • Do they stop at multiple depots on the way?
  • Are they affiliated e.g. to RACV and NRMA?

Consider all these things and choose the right company to ship your car to another city or state safely and smoothly at a reasonable price.

Edward Powell