Fitness for Beginners – HIIT and Core-Burner Workouts

Fitness for Beginners – HIIT and Core-Burner Workouts

In most cases, people who are highly engaged in other things find HIIT (high intensity-interval training) to be a perfect solution for them because it takes less time to complete and the fitness effects are incredible according to fitness trainers. For those who are planning to begin their fitness series on HIIT, what they need most is a good beginner guide. These tips also come in handy for people who have been away from fitness and want to start again.

HIIT workouts are good for the heart, inner organs, and they also burn excess fat. That is why they are also considered as core burners as well. But one has to include workouts that target the core in the HIIT workout program. After all, the core increases the stability of the entire body.


This military-grade workout is never omitted when discussing HIIT workouts that are good for the core. Although they look tough for beginners, the secret is in doing a few reps at the beginning, but encourage more sets after resting.


These are closely related to push-ups because they use the same body position. But planks help more by holding the position, taking deep breaths into the body, and also strengthening various muscles like triceps, thoracic muscles, and the core. If you are tired of push-ups, this can follow them to regulate the breathing pace.


This is an excellent workout for the lower body. As a beginner, approach your squats in an easy way by avoiding weights, which are common with experts. Your body weight is enough. With consistency, you will realize that things start to get easier by the day. Try to balance the number of squats with the number of other HIIT exercises in the session.


As a beginner, you do not need to do the complicated dips done by fitness experts who are used to steroids and supplements from What you need are simple triceps dips. So, get stable support like a coffee table or even the edge of your bed and get down to business. Just like all other workouts, regulate the number of dips you do in each set.

Jumping Jacks

This workout is excellent for warming up and even cooling down the body. It may look like a workout that is not serious, but it is one of the most effective in increasing your heart rate. Again, it brings the entire body into action by agitating every cell. No wonder it is considered as effective even by athletes who have been in sports for a long time. Rather than focusing on the number, because you will lose count anyway, just do jumping jacks for about a minute or two.

Butt Kicks

The last HIIT workout we will mention here are butt kicks. As you do them, the lower body, hip area, and core with benefit. Furthermore, they increase stability because one leg will support the body while the other is flying back to kick your backside.

When combining all of these workouts, make sure that they are done as fast as possible with just a few seconds for a break in between. 10 to 15 minutes of HIIT workouts for beginners is the best.

Edward Powell