Fitness in Focus: What You Should Know About SARMs

Fitness in Focus: What You Should Know About SARMs

SARMs is one of the most popular fitness supplements in many parts of the world right now and it produces astonishing results. In this article we share key insights about it. 

If you are keen on fitness, you have probably done everything you can about losing fat and building muscles. You work out consistently, eat loads of protein, watch your calories, invest heavily in supplements, and still the muscles are not growing fast enough. You probably considered taking steroids, but you are aware of the health risks and you do not want to do that. Then you come across loads of reviews and praises for SARMs. You may naturally have a lot of questions about their effectiveness, safety and legality.

Here we discuss everything that you may need to know about SARMs and why they are popular in the fitness world.

What are SARMs?

SARM is the acronym for selective androgen receptor modulator. These synthetic drugs are nonsteroidal though they are chemically similar to steroids. They were initially developed to replace steroids and be used to treat people who lose muscle mass and bone density due to aging and disease. They were tested on animals and found to be very effective in reducing fat, increasing energy, bone density and muscle mass. They are still being clinically tested and they have so far been found to have similar effects on humans as they have on animals.

The fitness world heard about the drugs and tried them and found them to be effective for athletics and bodybuilding. Now the drugs have become popular in the fitness world.

Benefits of SARMs for fitness

SARMs increase energy and therefore improve endurance in athletes. They increase muscle mass, bone density, help to cut fat and accelerate the rate of recovery after intense workout. These are the benefits that bodybuilders are looking for and they are enjoying them without side effects.

Risks of taking SARMs

SARMs have not yet been found to have adverse effects though they are similar to steroids. Unlike steroids, they do not attach to all android receptors in the body, but rather they select the receptors in bones and muscles and help to increase muscle mass and bone density. That is why they do not affect other parts of the body and have no side effects. 

One positive thing about SARMs is that they do easily convert into DHT which causes many steroidal side effects. They also do not easily convert into estrogen and do not suppress natural testosterone too much, so it is easy to recover from their use.

Those people who have experienced negative side effects did so because they bought low quality SARMs. One study analyzed 44 products that are sold online that claim to contain SARMs. Of these, 52% were found to contain SARMs as claimed while 39% contained another unapproved drug. Some were found to contain no SARMs at all, while 25% were found to contain ingredients that were not listed on the label. It is those unlisted and unapproved ingredients that are responsible for side effects. It is therefore wise to buy SRMS only from reputable companies and websites that have consistently good reviews.

Are SARMs legal?

SARMs are still going through clinical trials and most governments have not yet authorized their use on humans. Only the UK and Canada have legalized them. However, they are available on the market because they are allowed to be sold as “research chemicals,” so manufacturers and retailers are taking advantage of that loophole. Right now, if you go online and search “sarms UK,” “sarms USA,” “buy sarms,” “sarms for sale,” or “ligandrol UK” you will find many websites that are selling SARM products. As mentioned above, some of the products are low quality and contain harmful ingredients. It is advisable to buy good quality products such as Ostarine, Cardarine and MK 677. 

Are SARMs going to be legalized in other countries?

This is probably a common question among athletes. SARMs are likely to be legalized very soon. They have been tested by many scientists and found to be effective and safe for old people, cancer patients, and other people suffering from muscle and bone loss. They have been used by many athletes and found to be safe as well. Many countries, therefore, are most likely going to follow in the footsteps of the United Kingdom and Canada by making SARMs legal. We all saw how many studies and how many users sang praises for CBD for many years before many countries legalized it one by one. We should see the same thing happen with SARMs. Soon, athletes will be able to enjoy these drugs without worrying about getting into trouble with the law.

Final scoop:

The next time someone asks you “how can I be ripped for the summer?” – well, if they add SARMs to their workout, it may just give them the edge to reach a better outcome. 


David Lockhart