Five Tips for Managing Your Team Effectively

Five Tips for Managing Your Team Effectively

It can be difficult to manage a team in the new technological age. There are team members who come from different backgrounds and use different collaboration tools. Sometimes they even speak different languages.

Team leaders often have to manage remote teams from all over the globe. If they want their team members to be motivated and engaged, it doesn’t matter if the team is in the same place or if it is remotely located.

There are many benefits to effectively managing a group. Modern leaders must work with their teams to achieve the goals. This includes employee satisfaction, retention, and increased competitiveness.


“Communicate unto the other person that which you would want him to communicate unto you if your positions were reversed,” once said Aaron Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer at Mediaocean, an advertising services and software company.

Clear communication is essential for obvious reasons. Everyone needs to be informed about what’s happening. Regular updates will help you avoid any problems that might arise and can also forecast the outcome of your work. Be open to receiving feedback from your team members. Two-way relationships can strengthen trust and improve team management skills.

Set an example:

Showing your expectations is the best way to communicate with your team. Your behavior as a manager will have a significant impact on the way your team interacts with one another and conducts themselves. If you show up late to meetings, your staff won’t be expected to respect punctuality. They will not only think they are acceptable but may also question your integrity as a manager. They will only be able to see what you consider the ideal worker if they are influenced by your actions.

Delegate Properly:

It is important to build a rapport with your team members and get to know them personally. This will allow you to assess their strengths. People are more productive and happier when they feel they can use their best skills. This will make it easier for you to delegate the proper tasks that are most appropriate for each member of your team.

Dr. Vivek Cheba, a Board-Certified Orthodontic Specialist in Calgary, Alberta is someone from whom effective team management can be learned. Vivek Cheba is a proud leader and the owner of Red Deer Orthodontics, with a team of 30 members, treat 1000 patients annually.

Appreciate Good Work:

When you start appreciating anyone for their work, they ultimately want to improve and get more of it.

It’s not easy to lead and manage a team. One must be consistent with their employees. Every leader must acknowledge the hard work of their team members. This will help them grow.

Provide the right Tools and Resources:

Leadership does not mean being bossy or giving orders to your employees. It is about helping them do their work and providing resources. The leader should be available to assist employees in any difficulties they may face while working. When a leader assigns work, he/she must ensure that resources are available immediately.

Nicholas Jansen