Greater Solutions for the Perfect Rome Airport Transfer

Greater Solutions for the Perfect Rome Airport Transfer

Of course, the first advantage is the ease for those who travel directly from the airport. This is the case for many people and it can be yours too. If you are going to rent a car outside your city and plan to reach your destination by plane, the best option is certainly to pick up the car directly at the destination airport! In addition to being much easier, this also saves on the transfer from the airport to the city, which would usually be done by taxi, Uber or using other applications.

One thing to consider, however, is the duration of your flight. Some people may feel tired after a long plane ride, and in this case, it can be dangerous to drive especially if it’s somewhere you don’t know very well or outside the country. For the Rome airport transfer this is most essential now.

Consider the Prices

Here is a good tip: did you know that, in the vast majority of times, airports have better prices than neighborhood stores in the city? And the reason is quite simple: unlike what happens in neighborhood stores, which are scattered throughout the city, airport stores are concentrated. This means that competition is fierce among car rental companies and many prefer to offer a more interesting fare to their customers at the airport.

Consider the Aspect of Security

Depending on your destination, Rome airport transfers is done directly at the airport is much safer than taking public or shared transport at the exit, much more considering luggage. This is especially important if you are arriving at a location you have never visited. Unfortunately, there are not a few cases of people who practice illegal transport leaving airports, sometimes it happens and the tourist doesn’t even know about it. In addition, leaving with a car straight from the airport means that you are in control not only of the vehicle, but also of the path you are taking, which is very important.

Larger fleets

The last big advantage of renting a car for airport pick-up is the number of cars available. In general, car rental yards are larger at airports, which mean that the chance of getting a car when demand is high is greater. However, this point deserves attention! Although the fleets are larger at airports, demand is also greater. Airport traffic intensifies on holidays and holiday periods, which means that it can also happen that the courtyards are empty and cars run out.

To guarantee your rental car in times of high demand, our recommendation is always to rent as far in advance as possible.

Advantages of picking up the rental car at neighborhood stores

Despite the many advantages of picking up a car directly at the airport, there are also some situations where it is easier or more beneficial to rent a car for pickup at neighborhood stores in the city.

Proximity to the place of residence or stay

Although more common, it is not only when you leave the city that you may need a car. Both for those who already have a car and for those who do not, a rental car can be used for more specific situations, such as trips that need a little more internal space or even that trip you want to take with your friends. For this type of situation, the most suitable is the removal of the rental car in neighborhood stores. This is because they are usually closer to their place of residence or “exit” for the trip.

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