Here’s why you may want to hire an employment lawyer

Here’s why you may want to hire an employment lawyer

At-will employment is tricky in some ways. An employer has the option to hire as they please and fire when they find it necessary. There is a thin line, where the action of an employer can be termed as discrimination. Workplace discrimination is unlawful under state and federal laws, and employees have their rights in such circumstances. There is no reason why you have to accept discrimination at work, and it is important to take action. One of the best steps would be to contact a skilled Austin employee discrimination lawyer, who can guide further on your case. Here are some reasons why you may need an employment lawyer. 

You suffered sexual harassment 

There are various types of sexual harassment cases -quid pro quo and hostile work environment, among others. It is important to understand that proving sexual harassment is not always easy. You need to authenticate your claim, following which you can expect to get both compensatory and punitive damages. An attorney can help you decide on how and when to take your sexual harassment case to court. 

You were wrongfully terminated

Wrongful termination is a serious matter and should be handled accordingly. There are many reasons why an employer can choose to fire an employee. This could be related to discrimination on basis of age, gender, sex, race, color, or religion. Sometimes, when an employee has filed a complaint, or has been involved in whistleblowing activities, the employer may fire them. If you are in such circumstances, you need to contact a discrimination lawyer to know the best way forward. 

You were discriminated against

Discrimination can happen in many forms. For example, an employee aged 50 may be denied promotion on flimsy grounds, even though they were promised the same. Not all cases of discrimination, even things are evident, are worth pursuing. Sometimes, even a good lawyer may recommend ignoring a certain type of discrimination, because the whole legal course may not be worth the results. The key reason to get an attorney is to file and prove your discrimination case. They can also give a fair idea of what to expect in days ahead, and as needed, they can negotiate or take legal action to get your dues. 

Discrimination lawyers know what it takes to fight against big conglomerates and corporate companies. Most attorneys also work on a contingency basis, so you don’t have to pay the lawyer right away. 

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