How Massage Therapy Addresses Joint Pain

How Massage Therapy Addresses Joint Pain

When it comes to massages and massage therapy, many people associate these terms primarily with benefits for muscle aches and pains. And while muscle comfort is indeed a primary benefit area associated with massage therapy, it’s not the only one – namely, the body’s joints can also experience several direct positives from massage therapy sessions. 

In fact, one of the top Pleasant Grove massage therapy needs for a variety of individuals is those suffering from joint pain or damage issues. Several forms of therapeutic massage work directly to relieve pain and discomfort in stiff or otherwise damaged joints, including those with chronic joint pain issues. Here are some of the specific benefits of massage therapy for those suffering from joint concerns. 

Pain Limitation

The most well-known and sought-after benefit here is pain relief, which is a major desire for many people dealing with frustrating, recurring joint issues. Numerous forms of research have shown that massage therapy is effective for reducing joint pain, as well as pain in muscles, tissues and other bodily areas.

Depending on your specific joint pain, a few different massage therapy techniques might be utilized. This may include deep tissue massage in certain cases, or Swedish massage meant to stretch the joints out lightly. There could also be other services utilized, such as float therapy or others that complement massage therapy in valuable ways. 

Flexibility Considerations

On top of providing relief from pain, massage therapy is also meant to improve joint flexibility and overall range of motion in patients. One key element here is blood circulation, which is promoted in multiple ways by massage therapy and is also known to help improve the healing process for joints. 

When joints are undergoing less strain, a process massage therapy helps accomplish, they perform better and allow full range of motion. Full circulation allows you to move in all the ways you desire more easily than before.  

Stress and Relaxation

In addition to the pain reduction and flexibility benefits that come with massage therapy, many people choose these services because they allow a respite from stress and an increase in relaxation. Those with significant anxiety or even mental health issues often find peace and relaxation in a massage therapy session, both due to the calming environment and the techniques helping ease pain or discomfort in their joints and muscles. 


David Lockhart