How Newton Can Help Your Sales Promotions

In almost every industry today, businesses are becoming more and more competitive. Different marketing strategies are being implemented by the top companies in order to gain the edge they need over their competition.  The big question that businesses face is what can make them stand out and influence their customers’ purchasing decisions. While there are a lot of new tricks and tools that can be used, one efficient solution for businesses is the implementation of electronic shelf labels. Electronic shelf labels are efficient because they not only save your time from manually creating posters, but they also make your customers’ shopping experience more fun and exciting.

SOLUM is a company dedicated to helping businesses improve their sales promotions, and with their digital price tag display, they are truly a force to be reckoned with. SOLUM’s electronic sign labels are powered by their all-new system called Newton. Newton has a lot of features that can enhance your sales promotion executions or perhaps improve on what you already have. Its screen resolution has been upgraded by 20%, which means that their 1.6″ display comes with 184dpi and their 2.9″ has 145dpi.

Newton also has the capability to support a location-based service. It obtains retail analysis so a company can promote their products by changing their position to the bestselling area. Newton also has a built-in NFC that allows customers to link their mobile phones to the company’s online website and download a digital coupon. Lastly, Newton’s multifunctional button allows customers to flip up to 7 pages and access more data about the products they promote.

These are just some of the benefits of electronic shelf labels powered by Newton. With Newton, you can rest assured that your sales promotions will be executed on point. You can learn more by reading this infographic from SOLUM. 

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

Bonnie Baldwin