How RFID Solutions In Singapore Improves Your Inventory Management

How RFID Solutions In Singapore Improves Your Inventory Management

The RFID tracking system is not new in Singapore. They have been around in the past years and eved decades. RFID, short for radio frequency identification, is a wireless communication system that uses electromagnetic radio frequency to identify an item.

An RFID has three components: the RFID tag, RFID reader or scanner, and antenna. The RFID tags attached to an object contain details about the object. Then the tag will transmit the information into a radio waves form using the antenna. The RFID reader then receives the radio waves and converts them into a readable and usable form of data.

Here are the ways RFID solutions in Singapore can improve your inventory management:

1. Improved visibility

Unlike manual scanning of items, a staff has to find the item before they can scan. An RFID reader can find RFID tags at a distance, so the person does not have to stop and look for the item. The faster they scan, the more efficient the inventory process will be.

2. Decreased labour costs

Imagine you have a warehouse housing 2000 boxes that need to be inventoried. It would take at least three to five people to finish the inventory process in one day with manual work. However, since RFID makes everything automatic and faster, you can finish the task in half a day with a couple of staff.

You can further speed up the process if you will incorporate IT managed services in Singapore with your RFID solutions. You can reduce labour costs and downtime with RFID.

3. Real-time access to information

It is here where IT managed services in Singapore can work together with the RFID system. After the RFID reader receives the data, it will upload it to the company’s cloud or current IT ecosystem, where staff can easily access the information in real-time. You can further improve it with a hyper converged infrastructure IT system.

4. Accuracy

The issue with people doing the inventory process is they are more prone to human error. RFID solutions in Singapore boast the accuracy of data because of their automated process. Inaccurate data results in uninformed business decisions, which can be costly on the part of the business.

If you are not yet into RFID, it is time to incorporate it into your inventory management process. It is faster, has fewer mistakes, and is cost-effective.

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Nicholas Jansen