How to Choose the Right Los Angeles Answering Service

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Once you have made the decision to hire a Los Angeles answering service, it’s time to start choosing the right one. A good answering service will accurately take your messages and be available to answer your calls when you need. However, a great answering service will partner with your business and help your business run more smoothly.

Look for a Partnership: It’s important to remember that confidentiality and privacy are important qualities of an answering service. The interaction between your business and your customers is sacred. Callers are placing their trust in the professionalism of your business. Trust is earned. Discretion regarding any medical, legal, or business matters should be shown through every step of the call process. When you partner with your answering service you can feel confident in knowing your customers are taken care of at all times.

Staffing and Training: You shouldn’t be afraid to ask about the people who will answer the phone. Do the agents work remotely or in house? Are they trained on the specifics of your business? Are they able to handle all bilingual calls? How well do they know your industry? Who trains them? Make sure there are quality assurance practices in place and how these practices are being measured. Don’t be afraid to really dive into these questions when you are finding a Los Angeles answering service.

Packages and Services Offered: Be sure that the company you choose has services and packages that complement your business and align with your goals. These features can include appointment setting, call forwarding, virtual reception service, and 24-hour coverage. By understanding the capabilities of the service you have, you can get the most out of it and really benefit your business.

Pricing: You don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest company but you do want there to be pricing you understand. The saying that you get what you pay for is true. The pricing structure should be easy to explain and there shouldn’t be any hidden surprises. The company should be clear about the fees, including set-up fees, cancellation fees, and fees that are involved for holiday coverage. It’s important you understand how you are being billed because it could be by call or by the minute and you need to know what constitutes a call. Make sure you understand the fine print. The pricing will help you plan your budget and weigh the true benefits of your business having an answering service.

Availability: There should be backup procedures to make sure there is communication for your employees and clients. Downtime for an answering service is the same as downtime for your business. It’s important to know what safeguards are in place because their availability is also your availability.

Clare Louise