How to get your Dubai business license?

How to get your Dubai business license?

Dubai has been booming for business opportunities and investment avenues. People are now approaching Dubai for the trade ease and the opportunities that are available in Dubai. And these opportunities are not in Dubai on their own, but the government of Dubai has been working to bring trade and business to Dubai. It is a place of diversity and a connecting point for most countries. Most flights transit here, which means more people visit here. And to turn this opportunity into business avenues, the Dubai government has made free zones.

Now, if you are planning to start your business in Dubai, before anything else you will need a license to work there. If you have your plan ready, make sure you get your Dubai business license, or else you might get into trouble.

Here is how you can get the Dubai business license with the help of Trade License Zone.

  • If you plan to get a Dubai trade license, you need to have a name for your trade. This will help you in further processing.
  • Once you have the name, you can now have a memorandum. And you will also require the articles of association.
  • You also need to select the local partners for your business.
  • Now that, you have done the initial things, one big step is to get your business trade license approval from DED. If you get the approval only then you can get the license. When you are submitting your file to DED, make sure you have a complete file. It must include all the legal documents. In case, there is any document missing, the file and the license will not be processed.
  • If you are willing to apply for a license, one more thing that you need is to have a place for your business, either rented or owned. These paper of rental agreement are required when you apply for the trade license.
  • Remember, the application needs to be approved twice, once for the trade name and secondly for the license.

These are a few generic steps for obtaining a license in the trade license zone of Dubai. You need to research further regarding the type of license you need. There are three types in total. All the steps can work well if you want to apply for a trade license. This way, you start your business in Dubai and step into the era of prosperity with your business in Dubai. The licensing process has become easy in Dubai, but the legal process is still the same. Make sure you have complete documents and you don’t have to snoop.

Edward Powell