Important cosmetology technology that could help stop balding.

Important cosmetology technology that could help stop balding.

When discussing new technologies in the cosmetology world, an immediate standout is the genesis of the laser hair growth device. Typically, the common solution to hair loss or follicle closure is to employ the use of chemicals, herbal medicines, or suggest a dietary change to slow balding and thinning. As of recent developments, a new solution has been making impressive claims and showing promising results across a wide range of balding and thinning issues.

This new technology involves using laser devices to stimulate the scalp, more specifically, the hair follicles under the skin layers. The laser device uses body-safe lasers to impact the cells and radiate energy into the follicle cells. The mitochondria inside the cells can make use of this extra energy (photons) to increase their production rate of protein production. This, in turn, restores lost follicle production and can help thicken existing hair. The process is non-invasive, and the device isn’t specified to be augmented by chemicals or remedies. However, a more common path to see better results with laser hair devices is to apply some of these techniques and change one’s diet to significantly improve the health of the skin and scalp. Moisturization is often a helpful addition to one’s hair care regimen.

Why these laser hair care devices are so unique in the cosmetic industry is in the fact that it’s publicly accessible at a surprisingly affordable price. Given that the process is most effective when repeated in small durations daily and takes up to a few months for significant results to be easily perceivable, the most effective method is through a home application once daily. The impractical nature of visiting a salon daily to use a laser device is immediately apparent to anyone who is employed or occupied in any way. Being able to use a laser hair device at home both mitigates the cost of travel and mitigates the inconvenience of a salon trip.

Between the convenience offered with these products and the affordable nature of these products, home remedies to baldness and thinning have almost no merit. This advancement in cosmetology technology could be the defining event in home balding cures and treatments. Given the inconsistent nature of chemicals and herbal remedies for balding, a new standard in balding treatment is in high demand. It is entirely possible that the genesis of these balding treatment technologies could make chemical solutions and herbal remedies obsolete by themselves.

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Nicholas Jansen