In-House vs Outsourced Audio Equipment Rental: Know the Difference

In-House vs Outsourced Audio Equipment Rental: Know the Difference

A common dilemma of an event planner is whether they should use in-house AV services or outsource this critical part of any event. Depending on the size, location, and theme of your event, there are important benefits of both self-managing and outsourcing event technologies and audiovisual equipment.

Therefore, there is no clear winner, but here are some pros and cons to consider for your next event.

In-House vs Outsourced: Scenarios

An excellent way to demonstrate the differences between in-house and outsourced AV services is through real-life scenarios (some of which you may know all too well as an event planner}.

Scenario #1: You have to replace the equipment immediately.

In this case, imagine equipment has broken just before or during the event, and it needs to be replaced ASAP. In-house AV companies will generally win out here since their business is on-site. However, if you have a large event and outsourced AV services, some outside companies will bring spares for equipment at no charge.

Again, no clear winner, but this can give you an idea about how to negotiate with AV professionals for your audio equipment rental in Orlando, and what questions you may need to ask as you consider this dilemma for the future.

Scenario #2: Your event requires the most up-to-date equipment.

This scenario’s needs lean toward outsourcing for your AV services. Independent AV services companies are always buying state-of-the-art equipment to keep up with advanced technologies, meet the demands of customers, and keep a competitive edge.

In contrast, on-site AV equipment could be a few years old, as venues will generally hold on to a piece of equipment for years once they purchase it.

Scenario #3: You need special expertise and experienced personnel to set up and maintain equipment.

We are in the grey area of in-house vs outsourced audio equipment rental once again, so this situation will require asking a lot of questions about certification, how experienced techs are with the specific equipment you need, and how long the staff has been with the company.

In this case, however, the edge surely goes to outsourced audio equipment rental, but still…no clear winner.

Scenario #4: You need an AV partner, with open communication and dependability.

This is a situation that leans very heavily one way. Outsourced audio equipment rental companies can most often step up their level of service to meet these needs. However, it’s important to stress the importance of open communication and dependability, before, during, and after the event.

Scenario #5: You have a limited budget and need to negotiate cost carefully.

Outside AV companies will, more often than not, offer inclusive packages that can save you a lot of money. Opting for in-house services will generally leave you little room for negotiation. Additionally, it’s wise to negotiate labor costs upfront and get it in writing, since this will take a large portion of your AV services cost.

Although going with in-house AV services has its advantages, depending on the scenario, there are times when you need a higher level of service that outsourced audio equipment rental can provide.

A successful corporate event involves your AV services team becoming an extension of your staff and you being able to do your job, instead of worrying about theirs. American AV can provide all of this and much, much more. For all your audio equipment rental in Orlando needs, contact us anytime with any questions or a consultation.

Paul Petersen