Is Iron Dissolved Water Unhealthy For You?

Is Iron Dissolved Water Unhealthy For You?

Everyone understands how vital iron can be for your body. However, it is only beneficial when mixed with blood, not when drinking it from your household water. When dissolved in your water, iron can be very hard to notice and cause a lot of complications in your body. 

Starting from staining the water container to causing stomach upsets, there are many reasons why it should be removed from the water. 

How Does Iron Dissolve In Water?

Before understanding how you can use an iron filter for well water, you must understand how the iron dissolves in water. The most common scenario when the iron gets dissolved in water is through a well. Well water is mainly underground, where there is no oxygen available. This is where you can find large concentrations of iron deposits in their ferrous state. 

However, there is no way of understanding that your water contains dissolved iron as the water is perfectly colorless. Only when it is exposed to oxygen, the ferrous state converts to ferric. This gives the water a bit of a peculiar taste while drinking it. 

Things to Keep In Mind Before Choosing a Water Softener

The most efficient way to remove dissolved iron from water is by installing a complete well water filtration system. This will not only filter out the iron from the water but also ensure that other impurities and bacteria also get removed. 

A water filtration system mainly removes the dissolved iron through ion exchange. Ensure that the water softener only uses automatically dispensed clearing agents to remove the iron from its bed. 

You must also note that it is important that you remove the ferric hydroxide periodically from the water softener bed; otherwise, it can cause clogging. The best water softener for well water will always ensure this and give you the purest water to drink. 

Edward Powell