Jumpstart Your Workout and Yoga Routines with the Glo App

Jumpstart Your Workout and Yoga Routines with the Glo App

Jumpstart Your Workout and Yoga Routines with the Glo App

If you think of meditation as some ‘70s practice conducted in a room full of cross-legged people while burning incense, you must update your thinking. The 21st century mode of meditation uses an app you load on your Apple Watch, phone or tablet.

The Glo App

The Glo – Yoga and Meditation app available for both Android and Apple devices. While in theory the two apps are the same, they function a bit differently by operating system. The Apple version earned a rating of 4.9 stars out of a potential 5 calculated from 13.9 thousand ratings. The Android version has not fared as well, earning a 2.7-star rating based on only 19 ratings though. In Glo’s defense, as soon as it saw poor reviews coming in, it went to work on the Android app. The new version arrived in the Google Play store on January 9, 2020.

Both apps cost nothing to download. They use an in-app purchase system that lets you purchase an unlimited class plan or course by course. You can install its Apple app to an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV.

Meditation, Pilates and Yoga in One

The Glo app lets you take your mediation, Pilates and yoga classes with you anywhere. You can still attend your regular classes while traveling for business or pleasure.

You can use the website from home on your desktop or laptop. Enjoy the same classes on the go using the app. You get the same classes by the same professional teachers.

Take the three-question quiz available when you register to determine which classes work best for you. Completing the quiz nets you personalized class recommendations.

The Glo app also provides a “For You” section the periodically updates itself with custom class suggestions and curated collections of classes based on your interests. It also connects you with the larger yoga community that is a part of the Glo website and app. This section continually updates itself as you complete new classes.

The new app version lets you find classes just as you would on the website. You conduct keyword searches, then filter them to hone in on the perfect choice. Use filters like duration, teacher, focus, experience level, body part and type of practice to find the right class.

The app has its own advantages, too. You can track your activity using your Apple Watch or your health app and integrate this with Glo. Keep track of your exercise duration, heart rate and progress toward your daily goals.

The monthly subscription to this meditation, yoga and Pilates app is $22.99 per month. You purchase it through the iTunes & App Store or the Google Play.

Start your Pilates, meditation or yoga practice today. Download and install the Glo app to begin your journey to self-improvement.

Clare Louise