Maximizing Your Holiday in Borobudur by Staying at the Right Homestay

Maximizing Your Holiday in Borobudur by Staying at the Right Homestay

So far, most tourists who visit Borobudur Temple choose to stay in Yogyakarta. The reason is simple, they want to see this temple and then have their vacation in Yogyakarta even though there are still many areas around the temple that visitors can explore.

To explore it, tourists need more than one day. So, they need to stay at one of the Borobudur homestays. The tourist experience in the Magelang area is no less enjoyable than the tourist experience in other cities.

Tourist Attractions Around Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is a vast and spacious ancient building. In addition to exploring Borobudur during temple operating hours, you can also enjoy the sunset or sunrise at Borobudur by ordering specific tour packages.

This temple is not the only temple around Magelang. There are two other temples in the area. In addition, you can also visit several exciting tourist attractions around the temple.

Below are places for holidays around Borobudur Temple.

  • Mendut Temple
  • Pawon Temple
  • Rhema Hill
  • Svargabumi
  • Umbul Temple Baths
  • Nepal van Java (Butuh Village)
  • Puthuk Sumbu
  • Rafting on Elo River


Homestays Around Borobudur Temple

Here are some lodgings around Borobudur that many tourists recommend.

  1. Borobudur Plataran

Plataran Borobudur is a resort located at the top of the hills in Tanjungan Village. The distance from Borobudur temple is only about 0.6 miles. So, guests can easily walk to Borobudur from this resort.

The facilities at Plataran Borobudur are enough to pamper guests, for example, a swimming pool with stunning views, free wifi, a restaurant, a spa, and a fitness centre. This resort is very comfortable, has an attractive design, and has satisfactory service.

  1. Omah Garengpoeng Guest House

Omah Garengpoeng looks exotic with a traditional Javanese building and is beautiful with a green garden. The location is in Wanurejo, about 7 minutes from Borobudur Temple and Mendut Temple. The facilities and services of this guest house are not inferior to the last resort.

  1. Dharma House

Rumah Dharma Guest House is about 2.5 km from Borobudur Temple. The location is in the middle of a vast rice field. However, the atmosphere of this inn remains cool.

Here, guests can get all the facilities and services needed to support the comfort of their vacation. In addition, Dharma House also allows guests to bring their pets.

  1. Rumah Dharma (House of Dharma) 2 Riverside

This guest house is still under the same management as Rumah Dharma Guest House. However, this guest house is not far from the riverbank. The concept of architecture, facilities and services is almost the same as the first, but the atmosphere is different.

Staying in one of these homestays and vacationing around Borobudur is the most enjoyable way to pamper yourself. After the holidays, you will feel more positive and excited about life.

Bonnie Baldwin