Meditation Online is a Breeze with Glo

Meditation Online is a Breeze with Glo

Modern yoga and meditative practices already benefit from the ease of information accessibility and wide availability online. However, learning the minute details of the ancient asanas takes dedication. This is why Glo exists. It coordinates a network of experts in an extensive variety of yoga practices with interested students.

Introducing the Glo Network

Glo meditation online is a treasure. It is designed so that you can take it anywhere. There are a variety of courses offered through the Glo Network. All levels of yoga and meditation practitioners are kept in mind, as are the complexities of modern living.

 Advantages of Meditation Online

Glo courses are made for easy downloading. There is no need to worry about finding an Internet connection or being interrupted due to intermittent service. Simply store the Glo course(s) you desire for the day or weekend on you smartphone, tablet or other device. Take it anywhere. Even make Glo your companion on a weekend excursion into the depths of nature. How about Glo at the beach? Wherever you heart’s desire, Glo can be their with you to add breadth to your yoga practice. Check out this sample of guided courses:

  • Inner Sanctuary – Level 1
  • Balance Your Heart and Mind – Level 1
  • Kindness Meditation – Level 1
  • Finding Peace – Level 1 to 2
  • Unraveling Knots – Level 1 to 2
  • Cultivating Self-love – Level 1 to 2

Level 1 Courses: The Fundamentals

The level 1 courses listed here offer practitioners the fundamentals for their meditation online. Let’s take a look at the Inner Sanctuary course first. It takes you on a journey to create a safe place so that the management of stress becomes easier. It’s also an early journey in the practice of self-love and self-acceptance. With the stresses of modern life in check, the course Balance Your Heart and Mind explores breathing techniques to reach a rewarding level of stillness. Along with the guidance of using your breath to attune your body-mind, the Kindness Meditation course involves visualization. This leads to the instillment of kindness in the heart and eventually to the emanation of positive vibes out into the world.

Level 1 to 2 Courses: Looking and Living Deeper

The next level of courses take a deeper look at meditation. Not many people find peace in their lives. Sure there are moments that teach us this is what we want, but few decide to find it. How often are we dissociated from our bodies during the pursuits of the working day? Glo’s Finding Peace course uses visualization and body awareness to make daily peace a reality. Flowing water visualization is used in the Unraveling Knots course. This helps the relaxation of tension and the focus of the mind to achieve a deeper level of peace. As the description of the Glo course on Cultivating Self Love reads, “Truly loving yourself takes patience and practice”. This course is a wonderful place to get started and/or attune your life journey. Glo’s more advanced courses even have highly specific courses such as PMS Meditation.

About Glo

Glo meditation online is about the journey of reaching your true potential. The organizers have created intelligent tools to add to any level of yoga and meditation practice. You can test run some of these courses by signing up for a free trial here. Glo promises to be a sort of a magical step toward a more fulfilling life.

Bonnie Baldwin