Myths vs. Realities of Child Custody & Parenting Time In Minnesota

Myths vs. Realities of Child Custody & Parenting Time In Minnesota

Laws pertaining to child custody and parenting time, differ from state to state. Spanning across 50+ states, the United States of America boasts of a diverse range of laws. As far as Minnesota is concerned, there are some misconceptions and myths to debunk surrounding the child custody laws.

Here in this article, we will explain to you those common myths and the actual realities of those myths.

  • Myth # 1 The mother will always get the children’s custody.

Reality: No, except in cases of domestic abuse, Minnesota courts always grant joint legal custody to the parents. This means that both of the parents will be in charge of the education, finances and other wellbeing of the child(ren). Even in matters of joint physical custody, courts are now warming up in granting them, considering how both of the parents are nowadays required to work full-time to make ends meet.

  • Myth #2 The children will choose who they want to live with.

Reality: Courts in Minnesota consider thirteen factors while deciding with whom the child (ren) will live with. The preference of the child (ren) ranks as ‘one’ of the factors, not all of them. At least until the time they turn 18, after which, they are allowed to decide how they want to go about living their lives. This is because the court decides what seems best for the child (ren) after analysing many factors.

  • Myth #3 The laws are set in stone.

Reality: Parents can revisit and opt for modification in their agreements if things go array down the road. While it is true that yes many of the modifications consist of a lot of hassle, the courts are gradually softening up and allowing for modifications much better now.

Instead of fearing a gruesome battle, it would be better for you if you and your spouse decided to come to a mutual agreement regarding the betterment of your child (ren). Otherwise, the courts will have no other option but to rule a judgement that may not fall in either of the spouse’s favour.

  • Myth #4 This child custody battle will be all-or-nothing

Reality: It is understandable that you might be plagued with the thought of losing your kids, but you should ingrain it in your mind that you will receive joint legal custody of your child (ren) as per Minnesota child custody laws.

It is true that joint physical custody does not go 50/50, but you can still come up with a custom family schedule where you get to spend time with your child (ren) as you want.

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