Picking the Best Real Estate Attorney in Arlington

Picking the Best Real Estate Attorney in Arlington


Real Estate Attorneys, Doing What’s Right for Their Clients

There are many different types of lawyers. Some may practice employment law, which deals with wrongful determinations; workplace injuries; or harassment. Others may work with cases dealing with family law. Family law attorneys deal with issues such as abuse in the home, divorce cases, etc. And then you have real estate attorneys. Real estate attorneys are little different because of the very large area that they have to cover. The scope of their education and experience can range from having to work with people who make very large investments to deeds belonging to multi-billion homes to something as simple as a title discrepancy.

In many cases when a home buyer is attempting to purchase a property that neglect to hire an attorney to assist. These situations can have the potential to end messy. The possibility of purchasing property in which the affair somehow ends up in court is not uncommon. Real estate attorneys study for an accumulated amount of time averaging from 7-10 in order to learn everything there is to know about life and real estate law. So when an individual puts trust in one to stand by and oversee the transaction, this is called good common sense. Whether the attorney is a Real Estate Attorney Arlington TX or from Hawaii you can bet they’ve been well trained.

For example, what happens if a buyer purchases a home with a lien on it? A real estate attorney will suggest a couple of things. He/she will take the time to examine the lien. Once the lien has been examined the attorney will know what kind of lien it is. Depending on the type of lien the owner may not be able to sell the property until the lien is paid.

A lien is a formal way of making sure that debt is paid. For example, if the homeowner owes taxes the state will make sure the taxes are paid by applying a lien. Another example is when a buyer accepts a loan from a lender in order to purchase a home until the loan completely paid off the lien will not be removed. In many cases the owner is allowed to sell the home; take the money that is given minus the amount that is left on the loan.

Various types of debt that a lien may be applied to are:

  1. Child support payments
  2. Medicaid
  3. repairs
  4. HOA

The job of any attorney will be to get to the bottom of what they can legally do to get around this obstacle. They read the fine print of the lien and do whatever it takes for the potential home purchaser to be able to move forward and buy the home of their dreams. A Real Estate Attorney Arlington TX or wherever else has the training and know-how to closely analyze the issue and give the potential purchaser the best array of choices.

Another example of why an attorney may be needed during a real estate transaction is due to tenants that are currently living there. This type of situation can get sticky. Tenants have rights too and in many cases, they are more than happy to file a complaint. A real estate attorney will be able to type up a legally binding document that clearly expresses that the tenant will be gone upon the closing sale date of the property. Only a lawyer can do this, so even though buyers may feel that they can efficiently handle the situation its best to let an attorney take care of it.

Once this agreement is signed the former owner of the property will have to deal with any drawbacks such as the tenant fighting the demand and taking it to court. Real estate attorneys are not only experts when it comes to issues that occur when purchasing properties, but they also deal with wills, foreclosures, zoning issues, titles and more. When an individual trust a real estate attorney to handle their legal situation that simply means that they want the deal done right.


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