PR Trends to embrace in 2020

PR Trends to embrace in 2020

The media and public relations (PR) landscapes are constantly evolving, bringing about new opportunities and challenges for brands. With new and improved technologies and platforms emerging, digital is forecast to drive marketing and PR in 2020.

What other PR trends for 2020 should you embrace? The public relations professionals at Adoni media have put together their list of top PR trends.

Social Media Influencers

It’s no secret that influencer marketing has become a popular and powerful strategy for brands. As likes disappeared from our platforms last year and falsified engagement has been brought to our attention, the influencer landscape has changed dramatically. It’s important to find authentic influencers that consumers can trust. Also, think about how you can build long-term partnerships with key influencers in your industry, rather than using them for one-off campaigns.


Consumers are increasingly looking to brands to take a stance on major social issues. The broad term for this is ‘brandstanding’ and it has become a big part of brand’s strategies in recent times. It’s important for brand’s to be mindful of what they say and be prepared to stand by their comments, as consumers will hold them accountable in the public eye.

Personalisation and human elements

Adding a human element into stories has always been a strong characteristic of PR practice. To remain relevant and create more meaningful engagements in this digital age, brands need to produce content that is relatable to their audience. Fortunately, improved data and analytics tools can help brands find out everything about their audience, making it easier to craft their content.

New PR pitch

It’s no longer enough to email a basic media release to a journalist to secure media coverage. Quality images and videos is worth a lot more than a traditional media release. PR professionals are now also expected to create more original content and find other ways to gain coverage like through social media.

Nicholas Jansen