Printing Techniques For Business Cards For The Year 2020 And Beyond?

Printing Techniques For Business Cards For The Year 2020 And Beyond?

The year 2020 has been a bad year for a lot of industries, but not for the technology. There were a lot of advancements seen in print technology, which you can use to have that perfect business card for promoting your company. You can now find an online print shop that can help you print the best professional business cards, with which you can leave the best first impressions on your customer and clients. 

Business cards are still appealing to the people, and that is the reason you need to look for the printing technique that can help you with a business card that portrays the specialty, forte, and your designation to the client. 

Here are five printing technique that you can use for printing your Calgary business cards and leave an everlasting impression on your clients: 


In the Letterpress technique, heat is press into the card without the use of ink, to bulge out design or text. The Letterpress technique gives business card 3D texture, which you can feel with touch. The Letterpress effect is visually appealing to the eyes of people. People looking for cheap business cards with a quality finish should go for the letterpress technique.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting printing style cut the business card into different shapes and designs. The laser cutting technique is used for cutting out an unconventional and unique design for a business card. For some people, the old and conventional business card design does not suit the kind of occupation or the work they do. 

If you Give Guitar Lesson, the regular rectangle shape business card might not be the best design for you. Instead of a rectangular shape card, you can use the Laser Cutting technique to have the business card cut out in a Guitar shape. 

Shiny Laminated 

For a shiny card that catches everyone’s eye card, you need to go with the Matte-Finished laminate printing techniques that can give a business card with a decent look and gloss. Moreover, the shinning lamination also acts as a protective layer for the card.  


The Varnish printing technique has become quite common these days. If you are someone who loves the glossy effect on a business card, then you should choose Varnish printing techniques for your Calgary business cards. Varnish will give a matte finish to your business card that will enhance the looks of the card. Moreover, the shiny topcoat also makes the business card durable. 

Foil Printing

Foil printing is something that has become quite popular nowadays, a colored foil pressed into a card with design and typography engraved on it with heat.

Nicholas Jansen