Reasons Why You May Need a Tax Attorney for Advice

Reasons Why You May Need a Tax Attorney for Advice

Tax Issues 

The strict laws surrounding the ATO and their actions can cause any individual or business lot of stress. It is best to trust a qualified tax attorney should you be contacted about any tax issues. Any communications from the ATO should be scrutinized by an experienced tax attorney long before it reaches the point of being an even bigger problem.

Taxation Debt

If you have tax debt, the ATO will not hesitate to garnish your pay. If you are being threatened with a garnishment or already being garnished, a tax attorney can help you make affordable payment arrangements to pay down your debt.

It is always best to address your taxation debt long before it gets to the point of garnishment. If you are still being threatened with garnishment, you should seek the advice of your lawyer as they can provide the guidance you need to avoid that garnishment.

Taxation Decision Objection

Sometimes, taxation decisions and restructuring are not always something you might agree with. As you further look into your situation, your doubts might grow. You may even have a decent understanding of tax laws as they apply to your situation. But if you have any doubts about the information, you should not address this issue alone.

If you have an objection to a taxation decision, the only real way to address it is with the assistance of a qualified tax attorney. Don’t allow yourself to be treated unfairly. Contact a lawyer and address the problem the right way.

Whether business or personal, any interaction with the tax authority can be a stressful time. If you are faced with any issues involving the Australia Taxation Office (ATO), you should seek law advice as soon as you can.

Failure To Lodge Tax Return

The ATO is extremely harsh in their punishment of those who fail to lodge their tax returns. First offence fines are a maximum of $3000, and the charge itself can be quite serious.

If you are facing prosecution, you are facing a strict liability offence to which you are required to plead guilty. Only a tax attorney can help you with fines and in certain situations, obtain a 19b order showing no conviction recorded on your record.

Official Request For An Interview

Whether it is for a personal or business tax audit, stamp duty, or any other reason, an official request for an interview with the ATO can be a scary prospect. It is best if you don’t go into this situation alone. You need to protect your own best interests by retaining a tax attorney prior to your interview.

Corporate Tax Restructure

If you are looking to restructure your corporation for tax-effective purposes, you should not do so without the assistance of a qualified tax attorney. They can guide you towards the best way to grow your organization, no matter what the size.

Tax laws change every year and the right tax lawyer will be fully trained in what those changes are and what they might mean to your business, your investments, and your bottom line.


The ATO is not an organization to be trifled with. If they have made contact with you, then you are required by law to respond. The tax codes are extremely complicated. Any concerns that you might have when you received communication from the tax authority should be placed under the scrutiny of a professional to ensure that you make the best decisions for your situation.

You also want to make sure that you find a tax attorney whose specialties match your needs. You need to be able to absolutely trust the person or team that you will be working with.

Clare Louise