The Benefits Of Getting A Chlamydia Test Every Year

The Benefits Of Getting A Chlamydia Test Every Year

Chlamydia is a disease caused by infection with a group of microscopic bacteria called chlamydia. Most cases of chlamydia are not detectable or treatable with any drugs. However, testing for this disease is recommended for anyone who may have multiple partners or have had other health problems in the past, and who thinks they may have chlamydia. Newer tests, known as NAATs (nucleic acid amplification testing kits) are simple and very effective to take.

The most common method of STI test kit is urine testing. You urinate in a special type of container and a urine sample is collected. If the test is positive, a visual or fluorescent dye is added to the urine sample. This dye is used to identify the species of bacteria that is in the vaginal or urethra of a person. Your healthcare provider will usually tell you whether a urinary sample can be collected and how the sample is tested for this disease.

Gonorrhea or Chlamydia Test can also be done by having a swab sample of your vaginal discharge from the vulva. This type of Chlamydia Testing only requires that a small amount of vaginal discharge is obtained. You will need to visit a doctor in order to have this swab specimen tested for gonorrhea or Chlamydia. Because of the sensitive nature of this infection, you should avoid having sexual intercourse until the results of the swab test are positive. This is especially true if you are a woman of a childbearing age.

Genital warts are another way for a chlamydia test to be performed. These are also commonly known as the STD, or sexually transmitted diseases. There is not a specific Chlamydia Test for people who are not married or have no children. If you have had a previous sexual contact with a person who is positively tested for this disease, then the possibility that you might be infected is very high. The only way you will know for sure is to have yourself tested for this disease.

Your medical practitioner may recommend that you go to an STD clinic and get tested. For example, your physician may feel that it is necessary for you to get tested for Gonorrhea or Chlamydia if you are having unprotected sexual relations with a new partner. Even if your partner has a positive history, you may still need to get tested since there is always the chance that someone else may have the infection. The urinalysis offered at an STD clinic will help determine whether or not you have been exposed to a harmful strain of the virus.

If you are sexually active or used to being sexually active with multiple partners, then it is important that you think about getting tested. You can visit a nearby STD clinic to get tested, or you can even take an online test at one of the many sites that offer this free of charge service. If you want to protect your health and avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease, then you should consider getting tested for chlamydia every year. It is never too late to protect yourself!

Clare Louise