The Best Non-Monetary Methods of Staff Motivation

The Best Non-Monetary Methods of Staff Motivation

When you start a manufacturing facility, the success you can achieve is dependent on staff motivation. For most people, motivation is seen from a monetary point of view. But in addition to wages, bonuses and salaries, there are many equally effective non-monetary methods of motivating staff in your organization. In this post, we bring you the best four non-monetary methods of staff motivation.

Praise and Recognition

When you hire good staff, most of them simply want to feel valued for their effort and time. By recognizing the effort and commitment of employees, they feel cared for and valued. Then, they put more effort because it will be appreciated. Indeed, even a simple appreciation such as, “thank you for the effort” will go a long way into making your staff increase productivity.

To recognize and praise your staff, it is important to install a system of noting their efforts at all levels. For example, what is the employees’ contribution at the team and departmental level?

Physical Rewards

Another way of rewarding employees is by giving them physical rewards. You will like this method because it is inexpensive and the effect will be felt for a long time. Think of something like a gift card to a shopping mall, or a mug with the name of the company written in it. Physical rewards provide your staff with something tangible that they can look at for a long time. Well, even when employees are away from the company, physical rewards make them good ambassadors.

Offer Learning and Growth Opportunities

Another method of rewarding your staff is facilitating their training and development. Although you might have hired the best employees as highlighted here, taking them for further training gives them the assurance that they are valued.

Employees know that with further training, they are edging closer to get promotions and moving up the career ladder. To make staff training more effective, you should provide diverse learning incentives and allow employees to advance in the preferred areas of interest.

Offering a Flexible Work-Life Balance

Another motivating factor for your employees is a healthy work-life balance. This may include flexibility on when and where staff can work with incentives like flex vacation time and telecommuting options. Most employees will feel valued and motivated by allowing them to stay more with their families.

If you run a business, especially a manufacturing unit, you should put every effort into ensuring employees are motivated for high productivity. The above non-monetary methods of motivation will make your employees work harder and become your ambassadors when away from your company.

Edward Powell