The fierce competition between Webtoon Vs Webcomic Vs Manga

The fierce competition between Webtoon Vs Webcomic Vs Manga

 Japan has long proudly been a comic book powerhouse with a turnover of $ 4 billion a year, which is a really big industry.  However, with the advent of webcomics and webtoon, this industry has been at a crossroads.

Webcomic is an online comic style, it is published on websites or mobile applications. Sometimes it is also published in magazines, webcomic follows the European-American comics school, so it is popularly used.  make cartoons in magazines. Webcomic has a simpler structure than manhwa webtoon comics, shorter stories and does not have a complex and coherent and verbose story structure.

Contrary to the orthodoxy that has been used for a long time in the American comic book industry, webcomics at the beginning were primarily written and drawn by women and sex-variant people.  Due to the self-publishing nature of webcomics, the internet has become a perfect platform where authors can hide, freely comment on society in multi-dimensional eyes, free expression of lesbians and gays.  male, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). And this is the premise for the BL (BOY LOVE) or GL (GIRL LOVE) comic genre that webtoon manhwa hentai has successfully applied.

 The growing popularity of Korean online comics (webtoon manhwa) is gradually masking the presence of manga in the world.  Over the years, the Korean manhwa webtoon has begun to enter the Japanese market, where young readers are increasingly familiar with the use of technological equipment and gradually forget the traditional printed manga publications.  This situation is questioning whether Japanese manga publishers, who have long invested and researched in developing publications, should turn to webtoon to increase access to foreign technology- foreign readers.

 There are a lot of mixed opinions around this question, but for Ken Nagami, former editor of Manytoon, the leading Japanese manga and web comic publisher, the answer is yes.  “Manga sales in Japan have long been on a downward trend. We do not know how much more the domestic market for manga publications will decline. Japanese publishers are currently at a stage in which they cannot ignore digital and foreign readers.  I think webtoon is the most reasonable solution ”- Mr. Ken said. Besides, Manytoon also launched digital webtoon comics to follow the new trend of the mobile era. Manytoon have set up the composition department of BL (BOY LOVE) or GL (GIRL LOVE) works, focusing on hentai manga, manhwa webtoon hentai, and webcomics.  Want to read free manhwa webtoon hentai they will remember the hundreds of great stories on Manytoon.

 Unlike Japanese manga, which are only sold in printed form and promoted online only through applications, Korean webtoons were created to serve users of electronic devices, with design.  Optimized for personal computers or mobile phones. Typically, webtoon readers only need to scroll along the screen of a computer or phone to view colorful story pages, in stark contrast to traditional manga, which usually only comes in black and white and is read horizontally.  And when it launched popular manga apps in Japan, Korean webtoon immediately caught the attention of young readers. Among them, the most noticeable are the two webtoon “My Stepmom” and “Her 4 incher”. Both are currently the top webtoon manhwa hentai with the highest readership of the Sunrise in the past 6 months.

The popularity of the Korean webtoon on Japanese manga apps is not only due to the good translation, but it is also meticulously localized for Japanese readers.  Accordingly, the name, location and proper nouns are all “Japaneseized.” Even the original illustrations can be changed to fit Japanese culture. Not only that, the webtoon is localized in another   language translation services , such as English.  Lee Kunhee, former editor of Manga Hentai, said that this is a very important marketing strategy of Korean webtoons when entering the Japanese market, because Japanese readers often react strongly to comics from the country. out.  Some people even ask: “Why are there Korean characters?” Or “Why do we have to read Korean comic

 Not only facing the webtoon wave from South Korea, Japan is also facing the challenge from the comic wave from the US, the revival of superhero movies like The Avengers of Marvel Comics has made global readers shoot.  come back to read the super works of Marvel Comics, Dc Comics, Dark Horse Comics, … they own hundreds of superhero characters and have made a deep impression on the minds of each child, they create the read free comic online site is very attractive, everyone is addicted to such great superhero comics.  Capture the tastes of readers, they have launched a famous comic application called  Basically, the app is making it difficult for manga publications to turn cyberspace into a “fierce battlefield,” says Taka Yashimoto, a manga research expert at the University of Tokyo.

 “Not only globally but also domestically, more and more young Japanese turn away from manga and use smartphones to kill time.  I don’t think print manga culture will disappear completely, but Japanese publishers will lose competitiveness if they just focus on it ”- Yashimoto expert worries.

Bonnie Baldwin