The Lucrative World of Affiliate Marketing

The Lucrative World of Affiliate Marketing

In 2020, major companies, including the likes of Amazon, eBay, etc. are set to spend 6.8 billion dollars on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has become an extremely lucrative career prospect for affiliates who can earn thousands of dollars per year in commission for marketing products from other companies. The affiliate has to look up products that they understand and have an interest in and then promote that product. For example, if you are an online tech expert, you can promote tech companies and get to make a certain percentage of commission for every sale that you contribute to.

The Chain of Command

Three parties have to be actively involved in the chain of command – the seller, the affiliate, and the consumer. The product creator or seller can be a vendor, a product creator, or a significant company. The product or service they sell is promoted by the affiliate. It is the job of the affiliate to convince consumers that the product is valuable and worthy of purchase. Affiliates can share these products with consumers on various media outlets. Lastly, at the bottom of the chain of command are the consumers who buy the product. The product supplier and the affiliate then split their earnings.

A Growing Industry

Affiliate marketing is a straightforward way to make money online. Be it via product reviews, blogs that promote a specific brand, or by social media sharing – affiliate marketing is an exciting frontier in online marketing. There’s a lot of scope for growth. If you are interested in entering this lucrative world of affiliate marketing, make sure that you engage your audience with valuable information. The goal is to convert passive online consumers into active buyers. Choosing a field that you have expertise in is the best way to enjoy the process while earning a commission, one sale at a time.


Nicholas Jansen