The Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Medan

The Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Medan

Medan is one of the largest cities in Indonesia that offers a variety of interesting tourist attractions to spend time on vacation. Starting from nature, history, and religion tourism can be found in Medan.

Medan is the third big city on the island of Sumatra. Medan, located within the province of North Sumatra, has become a metropolitan city in Sumatra. Like other big cities in Indonesia, Medan is also a destination for workers and travelers. There are so many tourist attractions in Medan that are no less interesting than in other cities.

Medan is also a gateway in the western region of Indonesia for the entry of foreign tourists. Moreover, with infrastructure facilities and various transportation facilities that are very capable, such as the International Airport is integrated with the Train, it will make it easier for travelers to get around in Medan.

Various tourist destinations in Medan are also presented beautifully, ranging from cultural tourism destinations, natural attractions, and other interesting tours. Here are some tourist attractions in Medan which are very interesting.

Hairos Waterpark

Hairos Waterpark is one of the tourist destinations in Medan, and North Sumatra is rarely empty of visitors. And it turns out that it’s not only water rides that provide various kinds of slides, water booms, stream pools, wave pools, and others. However, other playgrounds, such as the ATV arena, bombom car and various other facilities such as a cafeteria. And what visitors are most interested in is the water boom which has a height of 30 meters and makes it the highest water boom in Medan.

Medan Post Office

Do you know where the 0 km point of Medan City is? Maybe there are still many people who don’t know, and it turns out to be at the Medan City Post Office. The building, which was built during the Dutch colonial era in 1911 is still powerful today. It is currently functioned as the Indonesian Post Office. This Post Office is often used as a photography spot and a place to enjoy the beautiful night in Medan. If you are curious about the interior inside, you can just enter the Indonesian Post Office.

Bank Indonesia Medan

The Dutch colonial heritage building still stands firmly in the center of Medan City, which has functioned as a Bank Indonesia office. The building, which was built in 1906, is very distinctive in European style, so it is not surprising that many travelers who come to Medan take the time to take selfies with the background of Bank Indonesia Medan. But make sure to ask for permission first from the security guard.

London Sumatra Building

When you visit Medan, you cannot be separated from the views of old buildings in the center of Medan City. One of the many buildings is the London Sumatra Building. The building, built-in 1906 and has five floors, was used as a trade and plantation office owned by a British company called Harrison and Crossfield Company. The building, abbreviated as Lonsum Building, has now become an icon of Medan City. Lots of travelers are taking pictures in the area of ​​the building. And not infrequently, it is also used as a pre-wedding photo spot with the London Sumatra building as the background.

Maimun Palace

Anyone will be amazed by the splendor of the Maimun Palace, which was built in 1888. One of the cultural heritage still standing majestically is said to be one of the most beautiful palaces in Indonesia. It has a blend of Islamic, Indian, Spanish, and Italian architecture that is very clearly visible on every side of the building. Maimun Palace was built in the era of Sultan Mahmud Al Rashid, who at that time was designed by an Italian national. For the location itself, it is located in Sukaraja Village, which is still in the Medan Maimun District area.

Maha Vihara Adhi Maitreya

Magnificent, that’s the right word to describe the Buddhist house of worship, namely Maha Vihara Adhi Maitreya or Vihara Cemara, another nickname for the monastery. This monastery which was built in 1991 has a very amazing interior. You can find many reliefs in every corner of the monastery. In addition, there is also a Bell of Happiness in front of the monastery, which weighs more than 3 tons. And there are also statues of Buddha, Goddess Kwan Im, and Hakim Bao in the monastery. Moreover, the atmosphere is so calm and clean inside and has several fish ponds that make the atmosphere of worship so religious.

Medan Grand Mosque

Still in the Maimun Palace complex, which is quite close, stands the Medan Grand Mosque, known as the Al Mashun Grand Mosque. The mosque resulted from the heyday of the Deli Sultanate at that time, which was built from 1906 to 1909. It took at least three years to build a mosque by combining Arabic, Spanish and Indian styles. For those of you who adhere to Islam, it is mandatory to visit the Medan Grand Mosque to carry out worship and religious tours.

China City Site Museum

The city of Medan not only has a cultural heritage that was born from the civilization of the Dutch colonial era but also the civilization of the past. One of them is the China City Site Museum, which has been the largest port in the 12th century. You will find many historical remains of high value in the museum, such as Buddha statues, gold, pottery, ceramics, and temple stones.

Tirtanadi Water Tower

The Dutch colonial era made many kinds of buildings, such as the one in Medan and a landmark of Medan, namely the Tirtanadi Water Tower. The water tower building was built in 1908, whose function was to meet the needs of the upper-class people of Medan by a water company owned by the Dutch Colonial. Even though it is more than a century old, it is still strong after being managed by PDAM Tirtanadi. It can provide clean water that can be drunk directly

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