The “OPEN DAYS”: events not to be missed in pre-school selection

The “OPEN DAYS”: events not to be missed in pre-school selection

In recent weeks, many facilities have kicked off the “Open Days”, or dedicated appointments in which parents will have the opportunity to visit the institutes, interact with the staff that will guide the facility, illustrating the characteristics of the educational method, the typical day and will be available to answer questions. These appointments are an excellent opportunity to get an idea closely, possibly to exchange opinions with the other parents present and to clarify any doubts.

Useful criteria for choosing the school of infancy

Pedagogical project: it is important to know the training offer and discuss all the issues that are most important to us with the teachers. As they often remember during the “Open Days”, the inclusion is not only valid for children but also for families. It takes the right time to acquire the necessary trust in the people who accompany our children on the path of growth every day.

Available spaces: it is best not to rush and carefully evaluate the conditions of the premises, toilets, toys and so on, in short, the general conditions of the structure.

Children – teachers’ ratio: each structure is organized according to its possibilities, but it is important to deepen this aspect and know how many teachers are foreseen for each class.

Meals: some kindergartens have an internal kitchen and others are supported by external catering. This is also an aspect to know before making a decision.

Timetables: each structure provides entry times with the possibility of staggered exit during the day (the first immediately after lunch) and on requests at the time of registration the possibility of entering early in the morning and staying after regular exits.

Outdoor spaces: is it mandatory?

Is there a courtyard or a garden? Do children have the opportunity to play outdoors in all seasons? In some structures in the winter months children do not go out (even in the case of beautiful days), while in others outdoor play is considered essential: it is good to ask for this aspect immediately so as not to be disappointed (in one sense or in the ‘other).

Once all the salient aspects have been considered, all that remains is to make our choice in all serenity. A new chapter begins in the life not only of the child but of the whole family. New challenges, new dynamics and new goals are just waiting to be lived and no difficulty will prove to be truly insuperable if that essential relationship of trust and mutual respect is established with those who support us every day in the growth of our children. The right of way goes to children who turn three by 31 December.


Choosing the best International preschool is not easy, and it is a truth. But, with some considering aspects, it is not so hard either. All you need is a practical mind, enough judgment, research a lot, talk to the faculty, and take a right decision after evaluating each aspect. Obviously, you should also take care of the annual fees, and it must be affordable.

Nicholas Jansen