The Top Five Must-Have Camping Supplies

The Top Five Must-Have Camping Supplies


It is most important when you’re out there “roughing it” that you have everything that you need. A camping trip can turn into a great pain if you are lacking a necessity. My days as a Girl Scout leader are long gone.

However, I learned the lesson that taking the time to check a list of supplies is crucial. As an ode to my old days of Girl Scout camping, I’ve put together a quick top five list of things that you will need.

Get Ticked Off – The Top Five Camping Supplies You’ll Need

The top five camping supplies you’ll need:

  • #5 – Sleeping Bags – This is the most fun part of camping in my opinion. Getting into a warm and cozy sleeping bag and snuggling in deep after a great day of camping. I know I was the leader but I recall this part of our jamborees with the most fondness.
  • #4 – A Lighter – OK, I know that this is camping and all but who wants to rub two sticks together? Make certain that you bring a lighter if you plan on having a campfire.
  • #3 – A Tent – It depends on the type of camping you’re doing but for those colder trips this comes in handy.
  • #2 – Water – Make certain that the water supply source is thoroughly researched before you pack up. Some campsites have water, while others don’t.

Be On The Ready And Keep Your Hand Steady

The most memorable and endearing camping mishap was when a camper had an actual deer tick on her. I make a pair of tweezers inside a medical kit the most important camping necessity.

  • #1 – Tweezers – It was nothing like having a pair of tweezers and a steady hand to get that dear girl, deer “tick-ed off”!

David Lockhart