The types of DIY projects where a mini excavator hire can save days or weeks of labor

   The types of DIY projects where a mini excavator hire can save days or weeks of labor

Your dream of owning a stylish swimming pool in the backyard is just a mini-excavator away. Yes! You don’t have to be worried for the excavator to spoil your beautiful backyard landscape. A mini-excavator has all the capabilities of a standard excavator with the added benefit of a small footprint. This enhanced mobility and maneuverability allow you to undertake a lot of DIY projects quickly and effortlessly.

Just like a standard excavator, a mini-excavator has a boom and a bucket that is attached with a cab on a rotating chassis. In most models, the housing is comfortable and spacious so you won’t have any feeling if you’re sitting in a mini-ex or a standard type. A stabilizing beam is attached that extends beyond the chain giving it stability on rough surfaces.

Thanks to several attachments available that let you complete jobs quickly like digging, demolishing, and material lifting. Common attachments are the dozer blade, hammer, auger, grapple, and breaker.

Now with basics covered, let’s move on to common jobs for mini-excavators:

Small-scale demolition or removing a structure

Whether you want to get rid of a damaged walkway or remove stumps from the backyard, a mini excavator hire can help you with all small-scale demolition projects. With its powerful engine, it can get rid of rocks, gravel, stump, or even scrubby brush. With a grab attachment, you can grab waste material and use it to dump it on a haulage truck.


If you can easily take control of the traction in icy conditions, this mini-ex is awesome for plowing snow. You can use a blade attachment to get rid of snow in front of your house or the street. It not only protects the surrounding area of property but also lets you quickly clean the area without a problem.

Installing a water feature

Whether you need your favorite pool or you desire to have a hot tub in the backyard, a mini-excavator can let you install such water features without professional help. Just hire a mini excavator and watch DIY pool installation videos and that’s set.

Repairing sewer lines

If you’re having issues with a sewer line and want to replace or repair it, a mini digger can help you dig the earth and go deep inside. But make sure you map out the utility lines and other obstacles to avoid issues down the road.


A mini-digger has revolutionized the landscaping industry. It has let you automate your landscaping chores. Whether you need to get rid of a tree stump or want to dig a hole for planting trees, a mini-ex has a lot to offer. You can quickly and easily transform your landscape without the need for any professional help.

Digging a swimming pool

Mini excavators are deemed the best for digging pool holes in a backyard. With a long boom or stick, you can easily work through the tighter space of your backyard, excavate the space and throw the dirt away from the pool hole.  


David Lockhart