The Vacation Spot of Colorado is Trinidad on the Old Santa Fe Trail

The Vacation Spot of Colorado is Trinidad on the Old Santa Fe Trail

Since marijuana has been made legal in the state of Colorado many small towns are making money off these people who are taking a “pot” vacation. One of these towns is Trinidad Colorado which has had an upturn of visitors to their growing community.

Small town feel

This town of Trinidad Colorado is located in the county of Las Animas and is the county seat as well as the largest community in the area. It located about 21miles north of Raton, New Mexico, and is 195 miles south of Denver. It is located on part of the historic Santa Fe Trail with many interesting places to see and go to. The population was 9,096 as of the 2010 census, up a somewhat from 9,078 in 2000. The estimation as of 2018 was 8,211. 

Remodeled places to stay

Many of the early rundown motels and hotels have put money into remodeling their rooms and most of them are making good money from all the new traffic that comes to enjoy Colorado or to party with the new marijuana laws. 

Best hotel

The most prominent and best hotel in Trinidad Colorado is Tower64 that is almost an adult-only hotel with private and upscaled rooms as well as an RV park for those that are vacationing with their RV. This hotel is located off I-25 on the original Santa Fe Trail and offers updated guest rooms with free Wi-Fi with Trinidad Lakes State Park only 5 miles away. The RV Park as on-site barbecue facilities as well as guest launderette is available. You can park there and go day trips to many places located around the Trinidad location. 


Other best hotels in Trinidad Colorado are in the downtown area where there is much to see and do. Several museum, a Community Theatre with live performances, as well as, many restaurants with wonderful Mexican food for those who like that type of food. Trinidad takes you back to what Colorado was like in the old days when this was part of the Wild West. There are also some of the most beautiful scenic mountains with many activities that they provide. Perfect for a family vacation or just a couple – fun is everywhere. 


Bonnie Baldwin