Tips To Get A Green Card Via Marriage

 Tips To Get A Green Card Via Marriage

Do you need to get a green card in the United State? Well, you can get marry a US citizen. Getting the green card via marriage to the United State citizen is the best way to get permanent residency in the US. It creates lots of immigration issues for couples. The Marriage based Green Card USA is the fastest method to immigrate. You are eligible to apply for the green card as the partner of a permanent resident. With the help of a green card, people can live or work in the country and they can travel freely around the country. 

Steps to get a green card through marriage 

Getting the green card via marriage can be a difficult task. The couples do not get the Permanent residence after marriage. There is an application procedure that should be followed to get the green card. To get the green card, the US citizen is needed to file the application form I-130 on the behalf. You can attend the colleges freely with the green card. Here are a few steps to get the green card via marriage. 


  • Marry US citizen 


The first step is that marriage should be valid legally. It is recognized in the location where the wedding obtained. The marriage life cannot fake just to get the green card. 


  • File I-130 application form 


Once you get married, you should file the Form I-130. This form is called petition for an alien relative that filled with USCIS. This application form is filled with lots of documents like a picture together, marriage certificate, passport copies, valid marriage documents, and others. If the necessity for the marriage green card is satisfied then this form gives the green card. 


  • Marriage investigation 


Now, USCIS may investigate the case to provide the green card. The United States Citizen and Immigration Services will contact the interview to find the marriage is legal or not. At the time of the interview, you must be prepared to prove that the wedding is lawful. The couples must provide documents like a signed statement from family, photo, and others that the marriage is legal. The experts will ask spouses family information, favorite food, current event in the family and others. 


  • Select consular processing or adjustment of status 


Finally, you should file for consular processing or adjustment of status. The I-130 form offers you a way to apply for the green card. There are different ways to apply for a green card via marriage such as consular processing and status adjustment. The consular processing is for the couples who are living outside the United State. The adjustment of status is for the people who are living in the country on the non-immigrant visa. 

These steps help you to get the green card through marriage without hassle. It provides you the ability to live anywhere across the United State. The green card holder can travel out and in of the country. 

Edward Powell