Top 5 Recruiting Challenges Of 2020

Top 5 Recruiting Challenges Of 2020

2020 has seen a tremendous shift in the way people work. The normal functioning of offices and companies have switched to the internet. Recruitment agencies are also seeing a massive shift in how the entire hiring process is conducted. Here are some challenges recruiters might have to work around this year.

Preparing Your Team

Recruiters are now working from home, trying to understand how to do their job with the help of tools available online. Some of them might not be up to date with technology, so it is essential to prepare them so that the online hiring process can be conducted smoothly. For that, comprehensive guidance must be provided. Make sure everyone has the tools they require in-hand and know how to use them to maintain perfect co-ordination.

Skill Gaps

While recruiting candidates, it is essential that they have the technical skills to adapt to the situation. Many older and more experienced candidates are at a disadvantage here. Older people are unable to participate in everyday workings because of the sudden and complete shift into newer technology. The latest technology is hard for them to adjust to since they are used to older methods of communication. To solve this problem, internal training is necessary.

Online Interviews

Conducting interviews is the biggest part of the hiring process as it is when the hirers get to know a well-rounded picture of the candidate. But during an online or a phone interview, the interviewer cannot read the body language of the candidate as well as in face-to-face interviews. Some might be camera shy, so it is essential to be a little empathetic to your candidate during online interviews.

Lack of Qualified Candidates

One of the biggest problems companies faced right from 2019 was the dearth of qualified candidates. In 2020, this problem got worse. Technological skills are imperative during these changing times to perform tasks without a hitch. While this has been a boon for technical workers, one can’t say the same for other sectors. Many companies have closed and laid off their employees, who are now desperately in search of a job. This leads to such candidates applying for jobs they aren’t suited for so that they could somehow make money till their sectors reopen again.

Once you take the necessary measures to face these challenges, you can find quality candidates. Check out solutions de recrutement Hunt for more information to recruit the perfect candidate for the job. 


David Lockhart