Top 7 tourist destinations within the United Arab Emirates

Top 7 tourist destinations within the United Arab Emirates

If you’re planning to visit the United Arab Emirates, there’s plenty to see and lots to do. If you’re a lover of the summer months, deserts, and beach resorts, the UAE is the best place to go to enjoy your holiday. If you are a fan of sports, there is more to explore. Find these seven top tourist attractions within the UAE.

  1. Burj Al Arab

The first place you should visit is Burj Al Arab. If you’re able to afford it, you must see this luxurious hotel. The hotel is situated in the middle of Dubai and has redefined breathtaking views and outstanding hospitality. It’s located in a tiny, private peninsula that allows you to be sure that you are away from the city, while the view from your Island hotel room gazes directly towards the sea and the city.

  1. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

In Ferrari World, you can discover many things that will delight anyone who is a Ferrari enthusiast. Ferrari World has an interior that is similar to a racing car. It has roller coaster rides in which the passage is an actual Ferrari and adorable bumper cars for the whole family along with Ferraris and fantastic museums that let you explore the past of Ferrari race cars until you are satisfied. It is also possible to visit Yas Island, where the Yas marina is situated. Yas Marina Yas marina has the F1 racing circuit, the ideal destination for those who love motor races.

  1. Dubai Creek

Dubai is a fantastic city that should not be missed. If you’re planning to visit the majority of these destinations in this top list of seven popular tourist destinations, you’ll find yourself in the city regardless. You can go on cruises along Dubai Creek aboard a typical Arabic boat if you’re located in Dubai. Sunset cruises are accompanied by food and entertainment and offer unbeatable perspectives of Dubai. Shopping is also an option in Dubai, just across The Dubai Creek, where megalithic malls have anything you might want to purchase.

  1. Burj Khalifa

This is among the most well-known buildings in the nation and is a landmark that rises to the sky. It is the tallest structure in the world and is considered to be the most impressive freestanding structure. If you reach the top of the observation deck, you’ll be taking an elevator for the longest elevator journey anywhere in the world. From this tower, you’ll take a stunning view of the entire city of Dubai. After spending the day photographing the building, make sure to capture photos on the ground beneath the tower, particularly at night, when the various levels are lit with a series of vibrantly colored lighting. Everyone wants to get that perfect photo with a great view; across all of the United Arab Emirates, there are many places where this is possible.

  1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, even when you’re not religious. The Modern mosque is known for its beauty and traditional craft, beautifully combined with modern-day style. While you are there, you’ll observe the standard types used in traditional architecture, among Islamic structures that are beautifully incorporated into the modern architectural style. The entire facility inside and outside is constructed using items like white marble stones and glasswork, vast amounts of gold, and Mosaic tiles. Inside is the largest carpet that was made by hand. Also, you will see an array of chandeliers made of gold and crystal, which illuminate the rug.

  1. Louvre Abu Dhabi

In the end, you must go to visit the Louvre located in Abu Dhabi. There are many unique artworks and an incredible tribute to world history at this museum. The interior is contemporary and features gorgeous green palms and white décor designed by a renowned architect. The museum is often thought of as an architectural landmark, and a visit here will confirm that notion. There are connections between different civilizations and cultures throughout the history of humanity, including items from the ancient living spaces from ancient civilizations who once lived right in front of the place you’re visiting.

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