Types of storages to choose for your business

Types of storages to choose for your business

One of the most critical aspects of businesses is storage to keep your stock safe and well-maintained. Most of the businesses cannot operate without a well-designed and equipped warehouse. The first thing you should consider is establishing a storage space that is ideal for your business that has enough space to stock and allow easy organization and access anytime. Several types of storages are available in the market such as Quality mezzanine floor, pallet racking, etc. You should be very careful while choosing the storage type as it is often a one-time investment and takes a deep dig in your pocket. Also, not having proper storage can affect your stock and business operations. Here is a description of the popular types of storages you would like to consider.

  • Static shelves

These shelves are fixed in one position and stay there forever. As they cannot be moved, they are not compatible with a forklift. You need to organize them manually. These are commonly used to keep lightweight inventories. Static shelves are ideal for the inventory that is in running state and needs constant replenishment.

  • Mobile shelves

Mobile shelves are also managed manually and are used to keep things that are hand-picked and placed. But unlike static shelves, these are highly adjustable and can accommodate more items in less space. While the organization of items is still done manually, mobile shelves are mounted on a rail system that can be manually or mechanical. You can also opt for mobile shelves with a locking system to protect access to items.

  • Cantilever racks

Cantilever racks have a single stem with arms extending outwards. These are ideal to store large, bulky, and heavy items such as wooden logs, piping, steel bars, etc. These have a simple structure with a strong base, upright beam, arms, and braces to hold the items. These can be installed easily within no time. You can also use them to store things vertically up a specific height, generally six feet. These dynamic storages can be transformed by additional arms to store things according to your requirements.

  • Pallet racks

These are the most popular storage type for busy and gigantic business warehouses. These are ideally used to keep things that are stored in large boxes. You can find them in various materials like wood, metal, or even plastic. Different sizes are also available and based on the height of storage you can deploy a mechanical system or forklifts to place and pick the items.

  • Carton flow racks

These are used in storage where first in first out concept is applicable. You can place the cartons on the slightly sloppy racks. These cartons slide or flow down to the front from where they can be collected easily. The cartons reach the front for pick up in the same order as they were placed in. Carton flow racks are widely used for heavy traffic fat moving business.

  • Mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors are additional floors constructed above the main floor at specific heights as per requirements. You can have as many floors s you need depending on the height of the warehouse and height of each floor you need. Additional features like lighting, lifts, and conveyors can also be added.

  • Wired partitions

These are wire cages that are highly dynamic. You can create or remove them as and when required. Wired partitions are often erected to create temporary separation in the space to store specific items.

Clare Louise