Understanding the Consequences of a Domestic Violence Confiction

Understanding the Consequences of a Domestic Violence Confiction

The potential consequences of a conviction for domestic violence could depend on factors that usually include the defendant’s any previous criminal record. For a first offender, this could give a better outcome. But, the degree of the violence plays an important role in the sentence the defendant may face. If you have been charged for domestic violence, you will need to work with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney to avoid a conviction that could lead to serious consequences.

Punishments of a Domestic Violation Conviction

  • Probation. If the defendant engages in domestic violence that proceeds to a criminal case, they may face up to five years of probation. This can happen if the charges cover misdemeanor activity. In general, the maximum for probation is 1-2 years; however, for both standard and gross domestic violence, it is often a longer period of time. 
  • Aggravating Factors. If the accused used a weapon other than their fist, they may face increased consequences. A standard misdemeanor may increase to felony charges if the accused uses a firearm, some form of blade, or a blunt weapon. The sentencing may increase for potential aggravating factors for either assault and battery or assault with a deadly weapon if the person sustains injury from the weapon. 

Will you Lose your Job?

One of the most frustrating realizations for your conviction is that the punishment doesn’t end if you have served your time or completed your probation. Such conviction will follow you wherever you go. That is why your attorney fights hard to get you acquitted or charges dismissed. 

In terms of getting or keeping a job a domestic violence conviction can impact public employment, general employment, and professional licensing. If you have concerns on your current job or getting a job with a domestic violence charge, your attorney can help you manage the complex issues you will face if accused of domestic violence and fight to make sure your constitutional rights are fully protected. 

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