Useful Tips on How to Support Healthy 3PL Relationships

Useful Tips on How to Support Healthy 3PL Relationships

Delivering cargo from point A to point B is a rather time and nerve-consuming process. Thorough preparation is a must. It’s not a good idea to hire the first broker from the list of freight shipping companies you find on the Net. It’s better to have a constant and competent 3PL partner who will perform even the strangest and most difficult your orders.

There is one problem you should take into account. It’s of prime importance to build and support healthy 3PL relationships. It’s not an easy task for both carriers and shippers. Whether you like it or not, conflicts are inevitable. If you desire to avoid senseless disputes and establish firm and reliable 3PL relationships, the following information will be useful for you. The tips are good for both carriers and shippers.

Only accurate data

One of the major problems logistics brokers have to face is a lack of information or wrong facts. The misunderstanding may lead not only to delays but also to significant financial losses. Moreover, if a company owner doesn’t provide carriers with correct data, it may become impossible to fulfill the order due to legal issues or because of a lack of the needed equipment. For instance, it’s not a good idea to say that you need an LTL delivery if you require full truckload transportation only just because you want to save some money.

By the way, not only the business owners tend to hide some facts about their cargo. Carriers do the same in order to attract new clients or grab more orders. It leads to nothing but mutual disappointment and broken deadlines.

Thus, if you are an entrepreneur and decide to cooperate with a 3PL agency, you are to visit the website of the firm. The next step is to contact managers to clarify the information about desirable services. If you lack some data or doubt whether you get the correct data, it’s better to look for alternatives. You should not cooperate with firms that hide their license information.        

Effective communication

It’s of prime importance to stay in touch with all the participants of the transportation process until the order is fulfilled. Nowadays there are lots of simple but effective apps for proper communication. Smartphones and instant messengers allow staying in touch 24/7. Yet, it’s necessary to clarify when it’s possible to get in touch with each other. Some brokers are ready to work non-stop while others are available only during working hours. The same is true about entrepreneurs.   

Moreover, it’s a good idea to utilize tracking applications to control the movements of the cargo. Such apps help to minimize the calls to the brokers. The thing is the entrepreneurs often contact brokers in order to clarify where the cargo is or when it is to arrive.

Common values

Everyone knows that it’s easier to find a common language with a person with whom you have common interests and likings. You are to apply this knowledge when finding a 3PL partner. For instance, some brokers prefer to deal only with sustainable modes of transportation. If a business owner is an eco-friendly individual, he or she will definitely find it better to cooperate with carriers with the same values. 

Long-term perspectives

If you need regular cargo deliveries, it’s better to cooperate with one and the same logistics partner. The experts learn your requirements (and pitfalls). It becomes easier to meet your expectations.

The same is true about transportation agencies. Managers are to offer various discounts or loyalty programs to make one-time orders regular ones. Otherwise, all the participants of the process are to be in a constant search for logistics partners.

Financial issues

Business is business. You have to pay for the services you order. Logistics companies are to receive remuneration for the work performed. Yet, the very financial aspects are one of the main reasons for conflicts in logistics. Thus, a written agreement is a must. It should include all the financial aspects of the cooperation.

So, it’s not easy to find your ideal 3PL partner. The number of feasible freight shipping companies is really huge. You may spend days or even weeks surfing the Net trying to find fair reviews and objective ratings. Yet, after establishing reliable relationships, you may forget (OK, almost forget) about delays, unclear pricing policy, or continuous misunderstanding. 

Nicholas Jansen