What Are Honey Processing Warmers? How Does It Work?

What Are Honey Processing Warmers? How Does It Work?

If you are into the business of honey manufacturing or dealing, you know how important it is to keep honey at a constant warm temperature. Honey can get spoiled easily due to moisture. Also, if honey is not stored in an airtight container, honey will start getting fermented. Fermented honey isn’t usable.

It can also get spoiled due to temperature fluctuations and heating. Honey also crystallized at lower temperatures. That means honey will lose its liquid state at cold temperatures and crystalize. While you can consume crystallized honey, you can’t sell it. And restoring honey requires heating it, which has many disadvantages.

Effects Of Heating On Honey

Loss Of Antibacterial And Antimicrobial Capabilities

Honey contains a variety of enzymes that help break down sugars and free up other nutrients in the body. However, these beneficial properties are lost when honey is heated excessively, or glucose oxidase is destroyed through heating.

Loss Of Antioxidant Properties

There are many antioxidants found in honey that help neutralize the effect of harmful radicals. Unfortunately, these free-radical generators cause chronic diseases and infection because they damage cells, too. Honey also contains polyphenols that act as an anticancer agent against tumors. If honey is overheated, these antioxidants get destroyed.

What Are Honey Processing Warmers And How Do They Work

Keeping honey warm is not easy, especially if you consider weather fluctuations during honey storage and transportation.  With heaters, there’s always a risk of over or inconsistent heating.

Calorflex’s WarmPro Honey Process Warmers  provide consistent heat throughout the container. With honey process warmers, the honey stays at a proper viscosity while staying at a specified temperature or thermal levels. Warmers have thermostats, either adjustable or fixed.

It’s easy to use the WarmPro honey process warmers. You can wrap them around poly or steel buckets you use to store the honey. While transportation, you can also get warmers around IBC totes or barrels to maintain thermal stability.

Benefits Of Using WarmPro Honey Process Warmer

Maintains Consistent Heat

Honey process warmers eliminate any hot or cold spots inside the container and provide consistent heat. Consistent heating is important for maintaining proper viscosity. Proper viscosity is essential to maintain the quality of the honey and its shelf life.

Prevents Overheating Or Crystallization

Overheating is one of the significant problems honey manufacturers face while keeping the honey from crystallizing. Honey process warmers can preserve the honey warm without overheating it. Thermal stability protects the honey from both crystallization and overheating.

Keeps Honey At Hive Temperature

Honey has a lot of antibacterial and antioxidant properties, along with just being a sweetener. But honey may lose these properties over time due to factors such as overheating or improper storage. Keeping honey at hive temperature prolongs its shelf life while preserving its nutrients. This way, honey stays fresh throughout the packing, storing, and shipping process.

Water Resistant Warmers

While honey is always stored in airtight containers, having water-resistant warmers is always a bonus. This not only protects water from slipping inside but washing these warmers is possible as well. You can easily re-use them over and over again. They are weatherproof as well. It means that any change in weather won’t affect their thermal stability or efficiency.

Straps For Secure Fit

Warmers have an insulated full-wrap design that comes with clinch straps. Clinch straps ensure a secure fit regardless of the size of the poly or steel buckets.


All honey manufacturers and dealers need to keep their honey safe from various factors. Not only for business purposes but also customer satisfaction. High-quality honey will ensure their business growth and profitability.

WarmPro Honey Process Warmers keep honey at hive temperatures, preserving nutrients and maintaining its quality. It also protects honey from getting spoiled due to overheating, moisture or crystallization. This decreases the wastage of honey and potential loss as well.

Get A Honey Process Warmer Today & Keep Your Honey Warm!

Bill Merrow