What is Direct Primary Care?

What is Direct Primary Care?


Finding the right insurance policy can be a difficult task in this modern age. Even if you believe you have found the right one, it can end up costing more than you anticipated. Direct primary care is a good option. Direct primary care is a monthly payment that allows you to access many medical procedures as well as the freedom to choose your doctor. Your doctor can be reached by phone or in person. It is possible to establish a real relationship with your doctor through direct primary care.

Direct primary care means you don’t have to worry about unexpected visits or the associated costs. The monthly fee is transparent so there are no surprises. Imagine this: Your youngest child requires care but you are in financial trouble. You would do anything for your child and you don’t want to put more money on your credit cards that you can’t afford to pay off. Direct primary care will take away half your worries. Direct primary care will not fix all your problems, but it can help you feel more in control of your health and be more confident with your finances.

Direct primary care is a more affordable option than traditional medical services. It also allows you to build a stronger relationship with your doctor. It’s not necessary to worry about who your doctor will be the next time you have a medical appointment. You can choose your doctor and keep in touch with them even if you aren’t there.

There are many strings attached to normal health insurance. Direct primary care is a way to get the best possible health insurance. It is easy to know exactly how much each month it will cost and what it covers. Don’t be intimidated by other insurance companies.

Zenith Direct Care offers direct primary care to Utahns all around.

David Lockhart